Young people will promote Coatzacoalcos

Coatzacoalcos, Ver., May 2, 2022.- “Juan Bosco said: young people should not only be loved, but they should feel that they are loved”, were the words of the Municipal Director of Youth (DIMJUVE), Jocelyn López Rivera, at the “Youth Perspective” event, where he presented his action plan, which was based on a survey applied to high school and university students in the city.

Accompanied by the Municipal President, Amado Cruz Malpica; the General Director of the Mexican Youth Institute, Guillermo Rafael Santiago Rodríguez; the General Director of the Veracruz Youth Institute, Jonathan Yunuel Ramírez Martínez; and from the Eighth Councilor, Carmen de Jesús López Ramos, Jocelyn López announced the courses offered by DIMJUVE, as part of the program to respond to the interests of young people.

“Today we are here to talk about the important role played by youth in society as they represent 25 percent of the total population in the country; In Coatzacoalcos we have an Inclusive Government, that is why we took on the task of conducting the survey”, he said.

In front of students from COBAEV 68, COBAEV 18, CONALEP 58, ITESCO, Universidad Veracruzana, Universidad de Sotavento and Universidad Isthmus Americana who gathered at the Town Hall, the Director revealed that, out of a universe of 500 young people surveyed, 51 percent They were women and 49 percent men in a range of 16 to 19 years, being the 17 years with more participation.

“The topics of interest to young people are: work, sexual education, emotional intelligence, the environment, entrepreneurship, financial education, nutrition and harmful habits; as well as identifying insecurity, beach contamination, unemployment, drug addiction, lack of sex education and obesity as the main problems of Coatzacoalcos, ”he detailed.

In this way, the courses offered by the DIMJUVE are: “Discovering your Vocation”, “Preparation for job interviews”, “Financial Education Workshop for Youth”, “Emotional Intelligence”, “Prevention of Addictions”, “Sexual Education” , “Sexually Transmitted Diseases” and “Bullying”.

For his part, the Municipal President, Amado Cruz Malpica, highlighted universal rights in reference to the opportunities that all people should have, including young people, an inclusive policy promoted by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and Governor Cuitláhuac García Jiménez.

“Today they have support like never before in the recent history of the country, with access to a support scholarship, job opportunities, and I am also very pleased that they have access to training programs in the business field; we believe, without a doubt, that effort is the way to build a better place for everyone to live”, she expressed.

Likewise, he highlighted the presentation of the Director Jocelyn López and that among the statistics that the survey carried out with the students showed, there is concern about the contamination of the beach, which he considered a very revealing fact.

The General Director of the IMJUVE, Guillermo Rafael Santiago Rodríguez, highlighted the municipality Amado Cruz as a historical reference of the left in this region, making the Fourth Transformation a reality in this municipality; and he congratulated the person in charge of DIMJUVE for the analysis presented.

“We are here to talk about the issue of Youth Perspectives and to accompany the Municipal Youth Minister in this presentation of her care program; I want to congratulate her because on a few occasions I have seen that they have studied the young people of the municipalities so well, because there can be no correct public policy if there is no correct diagnosis to serve it in a better way, ”she pointed out.

Finally, the General Director of the IVJ, Jonathan Yunuel Ramírez Martínez, said that young people are the country’s present, involved in environmental, health, labor and economic development issues in the region, and included in decision-making tables. decisions, as well as in a work of collective well-being.

“This is what we youth are about, that’s what it’s also about, mainstreaming the same perspective of youth to all areas of the municipalities, within our state, without a doubt in the stage that our transformation is going through, we are part of it,” he asserted.

The Sole Trustee, Ana Bertha Hernández Aguilar, councilors from Coatzacoalcos and Minatitlán, directors of high schools and universities, as well as officials from the Youth Institute were present.

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Young people will promote Coatzacoalcos