You too do Gatsbying to get their attention (and you know it)

Saturday night. A message from your friend “In half an hour you have to be in line” and all your makeup collection thrown above the duvet.

You will prepare as fast as you can. But the urge to leave home is not going to be at odds with the moment of standing in front of the mirror and take a picture of your great look.


You stretch your body, stick your hips out, put your leg forward and shoot. One, two, five hundred times … until I find the good picture.

You put a filter (or not), in what your friend calls you (desperate because you are not late, you are very late), your story is already published.

The reactions of your followers are not long in coming and neither is your emotion. A message, I like the odd one, the fire of someone who always takes the opportunity to raise your self-esteem a bit … But nothing from whom do you expect.

You go through the list of people who have seen it and there he (or she) is. His photo is so characteristic that you already know what colors to look for that cloud of circles that are the profile photos.

Has not answered, but you have proof that it has passed through there. That is still pending what you post. That, one way or another, he is interested in you.

At least he has seen her, and it’s a reassuring and frustrating thought at the same time. Maybe next time. It will be for occasions.

He will answer.

What you may not know is that this way of trying to get their attention is called Gatsbying.

In a world where Anglo-Saxon terms seem to have taken over the monopoly of the dating universe, it’s up to you to meet last on the list.

And as the ghosting, is one of the behaviors that almost all we have unknowingly put into practice.

Like Jay Gatsby trying to get Daisy’s attention, organizing more and more spectacular parties, Instagram offers us the same possibility (with less effort).

With the stories of the application we take care of sharing those videos or photos so that he (or the) crush see them on turn.

Getting him to answer it is something else, but it is still interesting how we use the app to call in the most subtle way.

It is one of the advantages of technology. That we can ‘invite’ who we like, as if it were a spectator.

But also to drop him, sneakily, what we can offer him and give him excuses to talk to us answering anyone of them.

Either to the previous photo of going out to party or to the plane of hangover sunday in pajamas and with the cats in bed.

Duchess Doslabios.

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You too do Gatsbying to get their attention (and you know it)

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