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Anal sex is, in addition to being a taboo, a practice full of myths and mystery.

Many people usually associate it with “pupae” or a lot of pain – When in reality, if it hurts, it is because you are not practicing healthy or properly. Other people, mainly cis straight men, view it as a negative thing and would never try it – much despite the fact that their partners have proposed it. The reality is that anal sex, if done right, is very pleasant for all bodies.

Although there are different ways to start in the practice of anal sex – here we share an article about Anal sex, my first time – the reality is that there is no one and only way to have anal sex. But there are ways of integrating it into the practice of sexuality alone or accompanied. Among them is, yes, the use of anal plugs or anal dilators.

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What are anal dilators?

Anal plugs or dilators are erotic toys that help the anal area to dilate by stimulating very sensitive nerve connections. This produces that the use of the anal plug is very pleasant, and more if other practices such as oral sex, stimulation of the penis or vulva and even vaginal penetration are integrated.

We can distinguish anal toys from vaginal toys by contemplating that the former They have a stop to prevent them from being sucked by the anal sphincter. The end can have diamond-shaped jewelry, animal tails – such as a horse, fox or even a rabbit – and even a vibrator to give it more intensity.

Anal plugs that are always recommended to use are those that have a rounded pointed finish to facilitate penetration. And they vary according to their size and their material:

  • By size: from the smallest to start the process, to the largest to practice with rigorous anal dilation training.
  • By material: There are glass, stainless steel and even silicone. Generally speaking, silicone dilators can have a vibrator.

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How to use the anal plugs?

And is that unlike what many people tend to believe, the use of anal plugs is usually one more dish from the erotic-festive practice menu. You don’t need to be super horny or horny / a / e to want to use an anal plug or have some anal practice. It only takes one good silicone-based lubricant and stimulate before penetrating.

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Let us understand that the anal area is made up of two sphincters – the external and the internal. If the external is stimulated nicely and properly and there are good personal motivations for this practice, it will allow penetration of itself and the internal sphincter. But if there is no adequate stimulation or you are not completely convinced of the practice, the internal sphincter will not allow penetration and that will make it hurt a lot. That is why it is important to practice anal sex alone before doing it with your partner.

To use an anal dilator, we recommend:

  • Gently and pleasantly stimulate your anal area with your finger. Use a little silicone-based lube to soften the touch and discover how you like it to share with your sexual partner.
  • Once you have stimulated properly, you can just iInsert a finger with lubricant.
  • Finally, introduces the anal plug bathed in lubricant in the way that best suits you and generates pleasure. You can simultaneously stimulate the genitals –vulva or penis– to feel more intense pleasure. And if you are sharing the adventure with a partner, add a penetration where you are on top and the clitoris is being directly stimulated. It’s the bomb.

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Once the sexual practice is over with everyone involved happy, wash sex toys with clean water and mild soap. You can add a cleaning with our intimate cleanser for sex toys and menstrual cup. Let them dry at temperature, and once they are completely dry store them in a cotton bag to avoid contact with pathogens and dust. Until next time…!

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Yes to anal plugs for all bodies! – Vibrations Blog

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