Yes, television continues to support the privilege of men to date young women

Just getting started The Island of Temptations. And, as a good average Spanish woman, it is what is seen on wednesdays at my place.

But as soon as the program starts, with the presentation of couples and singles, my feminist version of ‘The light of temptation’ was activated.


And most of them had a big age difference. The women were younger (the oldest of the men was 9 years older than his girlfriend).

And I am not saying that there are no love stories of this particular style. But in the case of reality show, there seems to be a clear interest that, if the opposite is the case in the casting, be the exception and not the normal.

The same happens when analyzing the average age of the suitors: theirs is around 23, theirs almost 27. The unequivocal message from Mediaset is that they are the ones who must be accompanied by older men.

You don’t have to think too much about it to find the reasons for this. One of them is that being a man means live for and to demonstrate masculinity.

And what better way to do it than to be with a younger woman who might have a relationship with a person your age.

Men do not like contemporary women because they prefer girls, and social reasons (macho) they stomp hard.

I can bring up here the study that in 2018 found that men perform better in bed if your partner is emotionally unstable (What usually gives that stability? Ah, yes, the maturity of age).

In the end this can be summed up in one word: privilege.

Men have the privilege of not only dating younger women and having socially considered something normal.

They also have the age without that subtracting points of attractiveness, something that, in the case of women, is not the case.

As soon as we reach a certain age, we disappear from his radar of conquests -which still in the range of 18 to 25 years no matter how much they double the age,

It is clear that time can pass for them. A advantage that we do not have.

And before someone takes the example of Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron from me, let me remind you that the difference between couples of older men with young women compared to older women with young men, is laughable.

There are not no point of comparison.

The summary is that while they exchange money and power, receive beauty and youth. Which brings us back to the fact that a man’s attractiveness is measured by what he has or gets, while a woman’s is limited to her physical appearance.

Perhaps this is not the case for the participants of The island of temptations, but it does serve to illustrate how in the end, it is more than normalized and television ensures that this situation continues to be so.

Why? I’m just saying I’m curious to know how old are the women with whom the high positions are related television networks, for example.

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Yes, television continues to support the privilege of men to date young women

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