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Definitely, women’s breasts have not finished spilling ink (and pixels)!
In this month of August 2020, it is the story of women who tan topless at the beach and were forced to get dressed by the gendarmes, which makes headlines and questions all the media on the place of breasts.
At the same time, we are told that many French women have abandoned the bra during confinement, and that this “no bra” seems to be taking hold.
But last month, a terrifying study told us that nipples that we can guess through the T-shirt were a mitigating circumstance in the event of sexual assault for 20% of French people!
So many messages, and so many contradictory messages.

Banned on Facebook, banned from beaches now, and rape for one in 5 French people, the treatment of female nipples is clearly a moral and political issue.
And the attention paid to them, but above all the injunctions towards them are so numerous and so strong that most women feel self-conscious about their breasts, that they find them too small, too big, which falls too much …

We are faced both with a personal stake, of reappropriation of the body, of valuing the diversity and beauty of the body, and with a collective stake, since the whole of society weighs on these questions.

At the outset, we probably find the double erotic and maternal function of the breast. This zone which can be used for breastfeeding as for sexually arousing is found in the middle of a tension between these two uses. The impossible reconciliation of the mother and the whore is played out once again …

Press review on the subject of topless breasts

[edit 10 septembre, une autre affaire de seins]
A young woman refused entry to the Musée d’Orsay because of her cleavage

On the Topless Beach Affair

The case of topless women on the beach dressed by gendarmes, at the source of this post:
Pyrénées Orientales, topless women on a beach ordered to cover themselves by gendarmes [Le Figaro]
Topless sunbathing on the beach is legal [Le Parisien]
Bare breasts at the beach: faced with the controversy, the national gendarmerie evokes an awkwardness [France3]
Topless on the beach: there are too many followers for it to be considered immodest [ Marianne ]

On the “no bra”

They dropped the underwear and they are doing very well [Slate]
If the nipples can be guessed, the assailant of a woman has a mitigating circumstance for 20% of French people [Le Figaro]
With or without a bra, why women are forced to hide their nipples [Huffington Post]

On the breasts in general

Women’s bodies are decidedly not theirs, let alone their breasts. [ Interview de Camille Froidevaux-Metterie, France Inter ]

Topless Women on the Beach: What’s the Problem? [ Interview de Camille Froidevaux-Metterie, Les Inrock ]

Facebook censors campaign against breast cancer for “nudity” [BFM TV, 2019]

Swann Périssé’s rant: why I show my breasts on video

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Women’s breasts, zone of tension • My sex blog

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