With conscientious objection we have come across | Abortion in Spain

For me, this was a ticking time bomb that was ticking the countdown to exploding and it has finally done so. Now the question is, will anything really change in terms of abortion in Spain?

Some time ago I wondered what the situation was like in our country, what the processes were like, what options were there and if we lived in the autonomous community that we lived in, we had the free decision to abort. That little investigation led me to bookmark a page on my computer that I called Abortion, just like that and in a very generic way. Something with so many nuances, so many skins, feelings and guilt put in a folder with a word that generates controversy just by writing it. There, data was piling up on the options for abortion in Spain, by communities, by clinics … The other day, hearing all the commotion generated around this issue, I remembered the report that Gonzo did the The sixth with a few women who had experienced the refusal of the practice of abortion on their skin and who had felt abandoned, cheated and repudiated by the Spanish health system. And my folder. The one that I left there because, to fool us, it gave me respect to open it and take out everything that I kept inside. As if he was afraid of not knowing how to handle it.

In five of Spain’s 17 autonomous communities – the equivalent of the states – no public hospital offers abortions, according to the most recent government statistics.

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Since 2010, the legislation on abortion has been liberalized in Spain. This means that the restriction that only exceptions would be applied was eliminated. Since 2010, women can decide to interrupt a pregnancy in the first 14 weeks Without restrictions. If they make it clear to us. Because this is what has made all this explode, that the right can be exercised. Because before conscientious objection we have run into. The law says one thing, but the professionals say another, rather they mostly say that they refuse and that they have the right to do so. And this is what happens, that despite being a legal conquest, in very few places we can do it freely in a public hospital. Most of them lengthen the processes for us, put us through inhumane situations to end up in a concerted center where, if we are lucky, they will treat us well and comply with sanitary conditions. The latter, according to some experience that we could see in the LaSexta program, is not always the case.

Up to 8 Spanish provinces have not performed abortions in 30 years

(Take a look at the interactive map they have created)


As I write this I remember the previous post I wrote about the “Law of the heartbeat”, of abortion in Texas, and how we put our hands to our heads because of that aberration, when what we are doing here is not much better. And I think a lot about those women who have had to go through that, who these days are in that administrative maelstrom to have an abortion performed on them and who feel bad. Because even if it is a free decision, for whatever reason, the guilt that society makes us feel is great.

I’m going to make you a spoiler and I ask your forgiveness in advance. On HBO the remake of the movie Secrets of a Marriage by Ingmar Berman but in serial format and in the first chapter we discover that she is pregnant but does not really want to have it. The last part of that chapter is about precisely that, about that marital and personal duel of saying no to motherhood and how, although it is something that you have freely decided and have your reasons, it makes you feel sad, hurt, doubts eat you and social pressure sticks in your soul forever.

Some people believe that women abort for pleasure. As if we feel like doing it from time to time. Women abort because we want to (and in many cases we have to), because it is our decision and we must have that right covered, not only by law but by respectful professionals. The reasons why we do it does not concern anyone, we have enough with the social punishment that women receive for making free decisions about our lives and bodies.

Where to have an abortion in Spain without problems

I went to get my folder, the one that I kept so much, but it turns out that everything inside had expired. Wow, what a surprise! it seems that it is not only attacked with conscientious objection. As I was not going to stay like this after all this, here is a link where you can see where to abort in Spain. In addition, there is the option of viewing the clinics by Autonomous Communities. The procedures are reported so that you can read it at home calmly, they talk about the legislation and you can opt for personal advice.

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With conscientious objection we have come across | Abortion in Spain

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