why does passion die?

I often read on social networks and see photos that say things like “make love to me like there is no tomorrow” and that are shared hundreds of times. And nobody says, “Fuck me like it’s the last time you can fuck, but do it like this every day.” No one. They only ask once, one night… But then we complain when they don’t fuck us with the same passion or they don’t fuck us at all…

because passion dies

How many of you have not had (or have) a partner who for the first 6 months (for example) wants to fuck you every day, passion surrounds him continuously, he desires you ardently… and then it’s as if he suddenly turned off. He no longer looks at you with eyes full of fire, he no longer touches you at the first carelessness, he no longer wants to fuck you every day… even more so, if you don’t insist, maybe you don’t even fuck. And curiously, they continue to love us and are attentive, they care about one, how the work has gone, etc. But of course, that also makes your best friend.

But why does that happen? Why, if I haven’t lost the desire or the desire to fuck (on the contrary, the more time I spend with him, the more I love him and the more I want him) he suddenly stops feeling the same or at least wants to fuck in the same way as before?

And we are not talking about the fact that there are times when illness, stress, work, family, etc… can influence our desire, because that is something natural that happens to all of us at some point, no. We refer to a sudden and perennial slump. As if our partner were suddenly another person, with another type of lower desire and without passion.

Well, these questions were asked recently. I am neither a psychologist nor a sexologist, but I love making theories whenever sexual energy is involved. So what I am going to tell you next is my humble opinion. It may or may not be true, but I’m sure you’ll at least make sense of it.

As we talked about at the beginning of this article, photos and phrases that ask for very passionate lovers flow through the networks. Normally women who want a lover who fucks them well… which is what comes to be “The Emberador” that kind of half-mythological, half-fantasy (although they say they are like witches, that there are some). And those very direct messages reach men and flood their social profiles, who understand that this is what every woman wants today. It happens like Mr. Flock. They don’t know how to read between the lines and they take it at face value.

And what causes all this? Well, at the level of sexual energy, it causes us not to listen to our body or our desire. Directly when we get a partner, we try to give everything, even more than we really can or want. We go out of our way to satisfy the other person and be who we are not, just to get acceptance and praise. This in turn also causes our sexual energy to be blocked because it does not flow as it should.

Summarizing. We are bombarded with messages on a daily basis that the only thing that matters is fucking like you are a god. And they sell us that to then sell us dozens of other things so that we can reach that goal. Because they are already in charge of telling you that by nature you will not achieve it nor will the woman be satisfied with you. And then we forget everything else. About what really matters in a couple and what it really means to make love.

We find a partner and try to be that super lover to “convince” them (as if we had to prove something) and we behave as we think they want us to be (what they sell us) and not as we really are (which is what makes them fall in love) . That’s why after a while, our body and our mind say “enough”. Because we go against our natural rhythm. Because we have blocked our sexual energy and we are no longer capable of having an erection or desire because we do not know how to provoke it… And then we only have affection and love left, which are still intact, but for our partners it is not enough because they feel that they are not wanted or loved. Because they don’t understand that if they have more and more desire to fuck with us, we have stopped having them.

And it is because they have been feeding their sexual energy little by little, following their rhythm and enjoying each encounter. We, however, have taken each fuck as an exam, wanting to show that like us no other so that they don’t abandon us, so that they feed our ego. And we forget to respond to our desire and become superficial in sex. That’s why we stop feeling like it and only someone else motivates us. And so on over and over again until we stop to feel and listen to each other.

And that is what happens. That’s why at first they give a lot (even too much) and after time everything stops.

And if we reflect a little, we see that it is happening the other way around than a few years ago. Before, the idea was sold to women that if she didn’t dress up, she waxed, dyed and much more, she wouldn’t be up to the task and would never have a good partner. Now and after a long time trying, they have managed to “catch” the man through sex. Because neither “metrosexuals” or anything like that worked in his day. Self and sex. Perfect lover and women everywhere.

But it is that the desire as a couple harmonizes itself. No demos. With love and communication. This way it will always grow, improve and last as long as the relationship lasts. And neither stress nor a bad moment will manage to change the desire. The sexual energy must flow freely and will never run out. But for that you always have to listen to the body and let yourself go.

That’s why passion dies, because if we ignore it, it goes away.

I hope that you have clarified a little how sexual energy influences in these cases. If we leave it aside, it is blocked. If it is blocked, the desire and passion decrease a lot. And you can only pretend up to a certain point.

So enjoy life and sex, which is two days. Be sexy!

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why does passion die?

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