Why do some women not achieve ogasm?

More common than we think. It would seem that one in two French women would regularly have difficulty reaching orgasm and 8% would never have had one.

We were talking about performance anxiety for men, the anxiety of not reaching orgasm for women is also very real.

The quest for pleasure is often in vain and we put additional pressure on ourselves when the body must precisely relax to succeed in reaching peaks of emotions.

Why do some women have more difficulty reaching orgasm?

In the context of a relationship involving a vulva and a penis, vaginal penetration plays a very important role in sexual intercourse while few women enjoy this type of intercourse “easily”. Access to orgasm is hampered by sexual relations that are still too “phallocentric” and this practice is not the most favorable to sexual fulfillment.

Many women do not necessarily know their bodies and their desires, and female libido is still considered shameful. We can therefore imagine that instead of undertaking an exploration of their bodies and their sexuality, they choose to simulate and this is not the solution either for her or for their partner.

Here are some simple exercises to perform:

1 / Concentrate on your breathing in order to anchor yourself in the present moment (breathing allows you to become aware of the sensations that cross the body and to let go). Do not hesitate to breathe also with the sound of your voice, this will send vibrations in your throat, your belly, your penis, and will increase the erotic load (without leaving in exaggerated moans, we just speak of “active breathing”)

2 / Also work on the contraction of your perineum, the fact of contracting it allows to keep it active, to accompany the partner in his comings and goings, and this also allows to circulate the pleasure in the vulva and to sensitize the vagina.

3 / Practice double stimulation, clitoral and vaginal.

4 / Communicate with your partner and share with him what you would like or not. The more we communicate, the more chances we have to please each other.

What if we had orgasms without even realizing it? What comes up most often in the testimonies, and that women feel the pleasure “going up, up, up… and then in fact it goes down”. THEIt is quite possible to have an orgasm without necessarily realizing it. There are all types of sexuality, and in there all types of orgasms, by dint of talking about it everywhere, we talk about it as if it were a tsunami, a huge wave of pleasure that would make us lose all our bearings. …. Yes ok… but the enjoyment can be much more subtle than that! There are also smaller orgasms, orgasms that last a shorter time, in short, orgasms that do not necessarily correspond to what we think of them! Let’s listen to each other! Sometimes this search for extreme sensation skews what we really feel, even if we have had a lot of pleasure.

Message for all people who have a • partner who doesn’t cum: Just because your other half doesn’t have an orgasm doesn’t mean they aren’t enjoying sex. Don’t be upset when a body or brain refuses to cum, that doesn’t mean you are bad lovers. On the contrary, talk about it, without judgment, and keep in mind that your partner may feel very bad not to be able to cum: for him / her, as for you. The miracle solution is not found in a specific technique, but in communication, a benevolent and gentle communication. So have a chat and don’t forget the most important thing: have fun.

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Why do some women not achieve ogasm?

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