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Again this week I am going to talk to you about one of my specialties in sexual therapy: erectile dysfunction. Again I have places available in my method ECP for ERECTION PROBLEMS and that is why today I come to answer frequently asked questions that you guys ask me. Check if you feel identified:

  • Chen I’m with my girlfriend I lose my erection when penetrating. I like it a lot but I can’t enjoy it why does it happen to me?
  • nayara Why do I lose my erection when I change position during intercourse?
  • The…Why do I lose my erection when I put on the condom? (eye, here I leave you a video on the subject here)

These questions are super common, they are a frequent sign of psychological root erectile dysfunction. In fact, this situation is colloquially called triggering and I had already told you about it in an old tutorial.

In the video that I have prepared for this week I tell you the reasons why you usually have an erection and it goes down in the middle of intercourse. I am going to tell you briefly because in the video I expand it much more and in the masterclass that I have organized for the next day 15….much more! (you can sign up for free here)

Let’s go there with those usual reasons that cause loss of erection:

  1. Physical cause: VENOUS LEAK. It is usually unusual but it could happen and therefore, to be 100% sure, it is best to see a urologist for a review. Anyway, in a first session my job as a therapist is to make a first clinical history and evaluation of possible physical causes. By the way, if you want to learn more about how learn to rule out if your erection problems have a physical or psychological cause I leave you this video from a few weeks ago.
  2. PRESSURE and ANXIETY: because you take sexual intercourse as a requirement, a moment “to comply” or “measure up” instead of simply letting yourself go and enjoying yourself. This is usually the main cause, pure pressure.
  3. STRESS and day-to-day worries that, practically unintentionally, get between our sheets and prevent us from enjoying ourselves. I leave you a video on how stress affects us sexually.
  4. The CONDOM or: that sometimes affects us because it “cuts the roll” or because many men already have it associated as something negative. I leave you here a video on how to prevent the condom from affecting your erection.
  5. DISCONCENTRATION throughout the sexual relationship, due to day-to-day concerns or other interruptions.
  6. For SEXUAL ENCOUNTERS that I don’t like and I do to fulfill, obviously you’re not going to enjoy it…

About these reasons and more I tell you in the video that I have prepared for this week. In addition, on April 15 you have the opportunity to ask me all your questions live. You can book your free place for my masterclass here and watch now the full video onwards. I hope you find it very useful!

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WHY DO I LOSE MY ERECTION? | Nayara Malnero therapy

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