Why can a man have a lack of sexual appetite?

Do you wonder why a man can have a lack of sexual appetite? Do not be left with the doubt, because in the article that we will develop below is the answer!

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What is a lack of sexual appetite?

The lack of sexual appetite it is a common and occasional problem in men. Sometimes we believe that erectile dysfunction it is behind all the problems, nothing could be further from the truth. It is important to distinguish that to indicate a lack of sexual appetite as a “problem” a period of time of at least three months should pass. If not, it could be a temporary problem on a purely temporary basis.

Being clear about the aforementioned can save us worries about our sexuality.

What can be the origin of the lack of sexual appetite?

The common origins derive from a deficiency of hormones or, on the contrary, problems related to anxiety, interpersonal or drug use. Clarifying exactly what happens to us, in addition to attacking the root causes, directly determines the quality and effectiveness of the recovery.

Lack of sex drive and anxiety

In other articles that we have already shared, we talk about the importance of equipping yourself with tools to eliminate the impact of stress and anxiety from day to day. But why that need? Very simple! Its negative effects on brain chemistry and consequently on the rest of our body make us feel tired and suppress our libido.

In today’s life there are, more than ever, an almost limitless number of stressors that we should put an end to in a severe and radical way.

While it is true that a point of anxiety, biologically, can help us take the correct actions without getting blocked, we tend to exceed those limits until we are filled with bad humor and sadness. As a result, we observe many men who after finishing work come home exhausted without any interest in maintaining relationships.

We are human beings and as such, we expose ourselves to the above, however, putting a touch of resilience, calm and relaxation in our environment will be much more beneficial.

How are drug addiction problems related to a lack of sexual appetite?

In general, people are often aware of the negative effects of the abuse of addictive substances (such as drugs) on the body. The excess when it comes to ingesting this class of substances causes psychological problems and changes in the cerebral cortex in the medium-long term that undoubtedly affect sexual desire.

Atrophic or damaging alterations in the cerebral cortex of, for example, alcoholics are the cause of memory problems, bad mood, disorientation, aggressive behaviors and loss of libido.

Either because of the states of depression that it induces or because of the effects that the drug causes, it is common to have sequelae after a while. Seeking help to eliminate drug addiction is, without a doubt, the best decision a person can make.

Unsatisfactory partner relationships

Understanding, communicating, and supporting each other are part of the correct equation for maintaining a satisfying and enjoyable relationship. When all these elements come together in a harmonious way, there is a better and renewed desire to maintain relationships.

It is clear that we all know these precepts and we know that we should at least put them into practice. Then, in reality, other unknowns may arise that threaten marital well-being.

The solutions? They are varied!

As a usual rule, increase the communication windows between you and your partner, It works very well. Reconciliation brought about by efficient communication and relationship, with fewer and fewer cracks, yields incredible results. To guide you through the whole process, having the help of a psychologist or sex therapist would be the best option.

What is the relationship between low sex drive and testosterone?

If none of the above applies to you, then your testosterone levels may have decreased. Testosterone, administered by the pituitary, has a variety of functions, including interaction with sexual desire and arousal. In relation to one of the points that we have previously discussed, low levels of it, it is linked to substance addiction. In a directly proportional way, the levels drop somewhat in every man who increases his age, in particular, after thirty-somethings.

Remember that you can ask for help expert professionals, as we always recommend the case of Boston Medical Group, who has been helping men to improve the quality of their sexual life since 1997.

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Article validated by Juan Manuel Martinez Preciado, Surgeon with a Master’s Degree in Clinical Sexology, member of the Boston Medical Group international medical management group.

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Why can a man have a lack of sexual appetite?

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