Who is behind La Sonrisa de Aphrodite? Interview

It is his vocation: Sexuality. She has always listened to the doubts of her friends and has given them advice. She has read and researched a lot on the subject and when she attended her first Tuppersex, not only did she have a great time, but she ended up bringing new ideas to the table, even to the counselor!

That’s when she realized that she could also do what she liked. This is how it was born in mid-2012 Aphrodite’s smile.

Today Aphrodite, after hundreds of meetings, gives the elegant and sensual touch that good tuppersex deserve.

In a nutshell. What is a Tuppersex?

Aphrodite: A tuppersex is a meeting between friends, a time of coexistence, where we can talk without taboos, laugh and learn a lot from ourselves.

Can you tell us what the role of the advisor is?

Aphrodite: My job is to help people rediscover those little pleasures in life that many thought they had left behind or were even unaware of, to rescue the complicity of the couple, to help them regain a taste for physical contact with a lot of sensuality.

What happens at those meetings?

Aphrodite: I teach them a lot of products and most importantly… How to use them! I try to answer all the questions that are put to me, there are many moments of exchanging anecdotes, laughter and confidences.
Normally the attendees participate actively, there is a lot of interaction and time flies by. I love being a consultant Aphrodite’s smile. You always learn something new!

What kind of products do you see?

Aphrodite: Hehehe, you’ll have to attend a meeting to find out! But well, to give you an idea, we see erotic cosmetics, sexual peripherals, obviously vibrators and something that is essential for me: Products to care for and improve sexual health. Fundamental.

Can a person who has a “beginner level” in these subjects attend?

Aphrodite: Sure! Beginners really want to learn new things and as I say… Shame must be left out! In fact, when I prepare a meeting, I don’t know what level they have in these matters, so I present generic products, but at the end I have a personal interview with each attendee and if someone has more advanced needs, we talk about it and I get the product you want… I’m a Pleasure Provider for a reason!

Is there a before and after in the interest of the people?

Aphrodite: 50 shades of gray! Undoubtedly! (He laughs) As a result of this trilogy, the reading of erotic novels has increased considerably and many people, although on other levels, want to give their relationships a different touch, something that seems fantastic and necessary to me.

Do you think there are still taboos around sex? If so… what impact can they have on meetings?

Aphrodite: Yes, indeed! Although little by little we are waking up, there are still many prejudices in the sexual and relationship field. In fact, one of my tasks is to present sexuality as something natural, healthy and necessary. As for the meetings, it is clear that when someone decides to attend a tuppersex it is because they have a certain curiosity and predisposition to learn. That is when they realize that sex does not have to be vulgar or coarse and taboos are broken.

What kind of attendees go? How old are they usually?

Aphrodite: There is everything! Some call me because they know me, many recommended by word of mouth, although now more and more, we receive requests through social networks Facebook Y Twitter, as well as our tuppersex page. In general, the average age ranges from 25 to 50 years old… But there is a bit of everything and that variety is great!

Are there more girls than boys who attend the meetings?

Aphrodite: Yes, most of the time we are between girls. Although I have also had male and mixed. Women continue to give more importance to sensuality and eroticism, but men are increasingly receptive to entering and participating in this… pleasurable world.

In your opinion, why do people attend tuppersex?

Aphrodite: Many come out of curiosity, to have a good time or because they want to discover the products. There are also couples with a sexual problem that we try to solve or to spice up the relationship. In Aphrodite’s smile we give it a more elegant and exclusive touch… it is nothing vulgar and, of course, we respect the confidentiality of each person, only I know what each one takes. This really allows us to create an environment of trust, customers appreciate it and that is why we have a large percentage of loyal customers.

When are these types of meetings usually organized?

Aphrodite: Until now, almost all of them were in the afternoon – night on the weekend, but lately we are having many requests during the week and in the morning. It’s always a good time!

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Who is behind La Sonrisa de Aphrodite? Interview

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