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My name is Matthieu Tison, I’m 42 years old. I live in Brittany in the Côtes-d’Armor with my family, my wife and my two children, where I practice the fascinating profession of Sexologist.

I followed a university course for 3 years at the Faculty of Medicine of Cochin in Paris V at the end of which I got a Inter-University Diploma in the Study of Human Sexuality. I then continued to train for an additional year and a half with my colleagues Quebec, within the Desjardin Sexocorporel Academy, which brought me enormous added value on the effectiveness of my therapies. At last my experience in the field allowed me to refine my techniques even more… The ones I’m going to share with you!

Since 2013 I accompany either people who come to consult me ​​alone or couples to understand their sexuality and find effective solutions to control:

For men, their erection and ejaculation.

For women, their libido, orgasm and pain during sex.

Obviously there are many other problems in sexology but these are really the ones I encounter most often.

What struck me the most during these many consultations is that people wait weeks, months or even downright years before coming to take the advice of a sex therapist. The explanation is most often a lack of information on sex therapy.

I very often hear:

“I didn’t expect that, it’s amazing what I’m learning coming to see you! »

“How come no one tells us that? »

or “I didn’t expect to solve my problem so quickly!” »

So let me tell you as clearly as possible:

There are simple and very effective solutions so that you can control your sexuality.

My ambition is that through this blog, I put at your disposal all my knowledge and all my accumulated experience, this to allow you to control and boost your sexuality. So that finally this knowledge is just a click away and that I can help you to no longer suffer from your sexual difficulties and to live your sexuality as you wish.

Be careful though. What I am going to offer you through videos, ebooks and exercises will make you live a real adventure! Together we will literally explode received ideas about sexuality, you will understand, access knowledge and have all the keys to flourish as sexual women and men.

You are about to experience an exciting adventure!

The blog is organized into broad themes on the main sexual demands. The erection and ejaculation parts of course relate to men but also give women the opportunity to understand their partners. The libido and orgasm parts are they intended for women but is also a mine of information for you gentlemen 😉

I advise you first to immerse yourself in the free content of the site which already contains a host of answers and keys so that you control your sexuality and that it becomes an integral part of your personality and your values.

Go on! See you right away and with that, I wish you a very good trip…

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Who am I? – The Sexologist Blog

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