What you have to keep in mind to get a toy for couples right

We can say that the use of toys in adults is more normalized and naturalized. However, there are still many couples to whom choosing an erotic toy or introducing it into their erotic routines continues to cause friction. Doing it is not always easy, so you have to take into account a series of things so as not to end up locked in a drawer

Have you ever argued over a sex toy? Lately I find that in couple relationships one of the reasons for discussion is the use, or the reluctance not to use them, of erotic products or accessories. Most of us doubt where to buy quality toys or if they are really going to be useful. I’m going to make you a spoilerThese types of products can help but they are not miraculous, they do not solve couple problems simply by putting them in bed with us.

Questions to ask yourself before buying a toy

This is not about planting ourselves on a website or a store and buying what most catches our attention. This can end up being negative because we take something that we do not like to use, it does not suit our needs or we buy it on impulse without really knowing if it was with us. Before launching ourselves to buy an erotic product for couples we must take into account a series of things:

  • Are both parties in agreement with the use of toys or accessories? Before entering a Trusted website where you can find quality products, we must have an honest conversation about why we want to use them and if all parties agree to their use.
  • It is important to think about what we are going to use it for. That is, in what type of practices we are going to use it. If it is to improve one, introduce us to something new or experiment. Thus, the percentage of success will be higher since there are so many products that sometimes it is difficult to find the one we really wanted.
  • Ask yourself what qualities are important for the product to have for you. If you don’t like some shapes, materials or textures for example. Besides types, they have different functions and ways of being activated. If you care about the environment, you will like to know that the use of batteries is already residual and that you can choose more sustainable products.
  • Forget the shame. In many stores, both online and physical, the people behind are prepared to listen to your needs and advise you to make the purchase right. And if not, a sexologist can accompany you in this decision taking into account what your relationship is like.

What you should NEVER do as a couple

We live in a time when using a toy store is very common and there are toys that have become so popular that we believe that we should all have one on the bedside. That has led many couples to give away a sucker, a vibrator or any other toy. And what was the surprise? who have been left with a poker face because they did not want it or because they feel pressured to use toys. Because:

  • Never pressure your partner or be pressured to use an erotic product.
  • Do not choose for her or him unless you know very very well what he wanted.
  • Don’t take him to an erotic shop as a surprise if you are not sure or sure that he will feel comfortable.

Not everything is phallic vibrators

Another of the great beliefs that we continue to have is that toys are all penetrating. That is, they are made for a hole. This is very outdated I have to tell you. There are many types and if we do not like the realistic or phallic shape, nothing happens, because there are so many different shapes and designs that it will be easy to find a solution. In addition, not everything is toys, but there are many accessories that can make our encounters something different, fun and special. The important thing is to play with the senses, find new ways to surprise ourselves, invest quality time in relationships and take absolutely nothing for granted.

Do a little research on online stores to see that there are different products, that big brands are working to offer other alternatives such as slow sex or the game from new sensory zones. And never hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

Don’t let your toy die in the drawer, buy wisely.

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What you have to keep in mind to get a toy for couples right

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