What woman would want the “desire pill”?


The pink pill, as opposed to the blue color of Viagra, flibanserin, recently marketed in the United States as Addyi, is believed to make women want to have sex.

My first reaction was annoyance: when men have performance concerns, they are given a molecule allowing them to be mechanically efficient (and which works for almost all men). Whereas when women cannot have sex because they have vaginismus or do not have lubrication, they are given a molecule that heals the brain … more precisely depression and which would have as a side effect in 10% of cases of increasing libido.

For men it would be physical and for women it would be mental.

Of course, for depressed men, it is enough to make them horny, no matter what they feel like. And women with vaginismus … too bad for them, their vaginismus is surely linked to a moral problem, a rape or a psychological thing, isn’t it?

However, I tried to find out if there was a woman who would want to take this pill. Elodie (first name changed), 32, single without children, agreed to testify anonymously.

Almost 10 years ago, my gynecologist put me under a pill that did not suit me at all. Perpetual mood swings (to the point where I didn’t recognize myself for being so aggressive) and zero libido. I was living as a couple, needless to say it was hard on both of us. Me, I felt good for nothing, useless, with the feeling of having a body already incapable of serving, when I was in my twenties. It made me unhappy because I could see that my friend was in pain and I thought I had depression.

Sex, like food, is for me simple ways to indulge myself quickly; the day you lose that, life loses its flavor. And above all, I had the feeling that my youth was already over, that I had the life of a granny, etc.

This phase lasted for two years, averaging one intercourse per month, and quite inevitably resulted in a breakup (that wasn’t the only problem! But I also experienced my lack of desire as a symptom that something was wrong. round between us so I was exhausting us trying to understand…).

What I would have expected from this drug is to have desire again and to make my body again receptive to solicitations. (I really felt like a piece of wood, to miss out on a whole part of my life). But to be honest, at the time I didn’t tell anyone, neither doctor nor friend … if I had known that a drug existed I would have gone to talk about it, preferably to my general practitioner (I don’t have one. crazy affection for gynecologists, the 4 I knew were ultra focused on reproduction, so contraception was really the least of their worries, and the word desire did not exist in their vocabulary…). But it is also because I thought at the time to have a depression or a depression and the general practitioner seems to me more appropriate for these subjects.

Nevertheless, it qualifies the potential interest:

Shortly after, I changed the pill (for a very flexible one that had many other beneficial effects – goodbye acne and period, hello baby skin and strong hair), met someone else and things are back to normal.

And she admits “a certain bitterness towards the pharmaceutical industry”:

The pharmaceutical industry which has been marketing contraceptive pills for years which are known to seriously degrade libido for 15% of users, so I couldn’t help but think that market AND the poison AND the cure is a good business model. My remark is not related only to the industry, it also comes a lot from the French model where it is inevitably the gynecologist who deals with contraception, with for unique model “no children lead to pill” and “child train IUD ”.

More than to hope that the doctors read a little more Martin Winckler. To my knowledge, there is nothing against vaginismus, but there are a lot of very good lubricants. As for men without libido, you can still wait, maybe the treatment will come along with the male birth control pill, in a century or two.

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What woman would want the “desire pill”?

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