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From May 2 to 5, OnDirecTV (channels 201 and 1201 HD) will broadcast a varied offer of Latin American cinema with various productions from Peru, Chile, Mexico and Argentina, which can also be seen through the platform of DirecTV GO streaming.

May 2

This Monday starts with Av. Larco, the movie (musical, 2017), 9:00 p.m. At the end of the 1980s, a group of young people from Lima compete to be the best new band in rock Peruvian. The competition will force them to leave their privileged bubble, get to know the other side of their city and face the conflicts of a country at war. The hymns of rock Peruvian will accompany them on this journey to adulthood, in which they will live romances and adventures, and music will be the best antidote to not lose hope. Directed by Jorge Carmona, with performances by Juan Carlos Rey de Castro and Andrés Salas, among others. Other titles are:

Calichin (2016), 23:00. The story of Calichín Delgado, a soccer player who stood out abroad at the beginning of his career, and due to a bad life and almost on the verge of retirement, he is mistakenly called up to play for a second division team in the interior of the country. The pressure of the fans and the support of his family make Calichín, against all odds, once again outline the best moments of his sporting life. With Aldo Miyashiro and directed by Ricardo Maldonado.

Tuesday May 3

chili can (2008), 9:00 p.m. A businessman becomes obsessed with taking a Chilean to outer space. After several attempts he manages to convince Guillermo, a humble Spanish teacher. The teacher does it to impress his girlfriend and get out of the educational system where the students abuse him because of his excessive shyness. Things are not as they would like and after a successful launch, the return seems impossible. At the same time, the Americans unleash a security device and send commandos to destroy the ship. Starring Boris Quercia and Javiera Contador, directed by Ricardo Larraín.

sex with love (2003), 22:30. A group of parents and guardians of a fourth grade discuss how they want the school to deal with the sexual education of their children. Although for many of them, sex is not a settled issue. It is the story of three of these couples and how their erotic instinct and emotions are stronger than their reasons. With Sigrid Alegría and Patricio Contreras, and directed by Boris Quercia.

Wednesday May 4

Django: blood of my blood (2018), 9:30 p.m. Based on true events, this crime drama chronicles the adventures of the thief Django during his brief glory years. After spending time in the province, Django returns to Lima with his family, trying to get out of the criminal circuit. But the appearance of the wife of a dead accomplice will unleash Django’s ambition and his libido. Directed by Aldo Salvini, with performances by Giovanni Ciccia and Tatiana Astengo, among others.

The crime of the loving father (2002), 23:30. Oscar-nominated for best foreign film, it centers on a young priest, Father Amaro (Gael García Bernal), who is sent to a small parish church in Los Reyes, Mexico, to help Father Benito (Sancho Gracia). There the ambitious father meets Amelia (Ana Claudia Talancón), a beautiful young woman whose religious devotion soon becomes entangled in her attraction to the new priest. The denunciation of corruption in the Church scandalizes the town, while Amelia and Father Amaro fall in love and establish a passionate relationship. Amelia asks him to leave her priesthood to marry her, but Amaro’s eyes have been opened to the power the Church can offer an ambitious young priest. Torn between the divine and the carnal, Father Amaro must choose which life to lead.

Thursday May 5

Movie love (2019), 21:00. Martín and Vera have been together for seven years, since the filming of the short film where they met and fell in love. While she managed to become a successful film and theater actress, he has not yet managed to stand out as a film director. A story that talks about second chances, first impressions and the (re) construction of love. With performances by Natalie Pérez and Nicolás Furtado, and directed by Sebastián Mega Díaz.

Claudia (2019), 22:30. Claudia is an event planner obsessed with her work. A friend comes to her aid to replace her as Wedding Planner of an important wedding. Claudia accepts and quickly investigates about the boyfriends, her family, etc. But she discovers that the chosen place has building problems and about the time she decides to change the location of the ceremony. This will be the beginning of a series of events that will complicate the wedding and our heroine. Strange relatives, a repentant bride, fainting spells, surprises and magic will turn the wedding party into an adventure for Claudia. Starring Dolores Fonzi, under the direction of Sebastián De Caro.


This platform launched Clariceseries based on one of the two main characters of the mythical The silence of the inocents: set one year after the plot of her first meeting with Hannibal Lecter -and before they meet again in the film Hannibal-, FBI agent Clarice (played by Rebecca Breeds) returns to work after closing the case of the killer Buffalo Bill. But the most “tuco” premiere of the weekend is that of no time to dieDaniel Craig’s latest film as agent 007. In fact, if you’re a fan of the agent, you have the complete cycle with the more than 40 James Bond movies on that platform.


Nautical tours in Ayangue from the operator Aventuras Ecuador.

the tour operator Ecuador Adventures proposes three crossings aboard their boats. The first is dolphin and seabird watching (all day) all inclusive. Landing on Puná Island, sea bath, seafood dish, native guide ($50 adults). the other is a visit to Ayangue (all day), nautical trip to El Pelado islet, snorkel, Seafood dish, land transfer from Guayaquil, native guide, sea bath ($55 adults and $25 children). And, the third, a visit to the Churute Mangrove Reserve with departures from Guayaquil. Includes native guide, tour of the different ecological trails, bird watching and howler monkeys, river walk and observation of red crab capture ($ 60 adults). Reservations: 099-950-1724 and 096-410-1964 (WhatsApp).

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What to see, what to do in Guayaquil this Monday, May 2, 2022 | Culture | Entertainment