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In the business world we call any incident disruptive that “causes a break in the development of the activity of a sector to promote a radical renewal.” And if there is an experience that has meant a break in the development of our common common activity, also sexual, that has been the one caused by the emergence of COVID-19 in our lives. Of course, we are not talking about business, but of course we are talking about disruptive, or why so much mask?

We can only hope that, as in the business world, the more or less immediate future will bring us, to compensate, at the very least, for that “radical renewal” that we have been promised. Because as they told us in a recent article in El País: “Once again we are in the twenties. And, remembering the last ones, the question immediately comes to mind as to whether this decade will be as happy or as crazy as our 20th century namesake is said to have been ”.

We have not started the new twenties on the right foot, nor were those crazy twenties as blissful as we are told. Because as has been recorded in the annals of history, the old twenties were: “a double-bottom drawer that hid the advance of totalitarianism, the latent threat of another war of enormous dimensions and a false economic happiness that ended for exploding in the crash of 29, shattering the dreams that had defined the bright and colorful decade of daring haircuts, cabarets and the popularization of household appliances. ” So look, no. Better to remember so you don’t have to repeat.

Having said that, What we can do, just started the decade, is risk our bets on a future that we want better for allAbove all, but not only, in the field of sexuality, which is what we do in this blog. Because love hurts sometimes, but sex shouldn’t.

We do not know very well if it will be because of our new mastery of all idle things, all that new free time or simply because of the hours spent getting bored while we were confined, but it is likely or so we wish that it has become much more “normal” talk about sex; talk about what we like; manifest our desire. Hopefully the taboos on the subject that most entertains us, that warms our hearts the most (and what is not heart) will end.

In the remainder of the year, it is likely that we will see people much more receptive to incorporating novelties, especially technology, into their sex lives.

As Jess O’Reilly, MD and resident sexologist at lubricant company Astroglide, also hopes: “My hope is that conversations about COVID testing will normalize conversations related to health and safety, and this should include STD testing and risk assessment.”. According to her: “Even public health units have openly debated naughty sex (from the glory holes in Canada to sex with masks in the United States) and the headlines in the media have reflected this more open debate. Hopefully this leads to more detailed and meaningful conversations about all types of sex: naughty, vanilla, and everything in between. “

Another change that can be expected is a greater role for technology in the field of our relationships. We are not only talking about sex toys, which too, but about the weight that activities such as videoconferences or sexting have been taking over in the way we interact. Again O’Reilly tells us: “From online dating to online orgies, ingenuity has shown that the possibilities” now more than ever “are endless.”

And while advances in vaccine research may bring us back freer interactions in the second half of 2021, the impact of the pandemic on our social lives is still likely to continue to be felt. If the vaccines are not completely effective, the quarantine measures can continue with us, even intermittently, at least for the rest of the year.

In that case, one-night stands could become much more difficult, because it takes time to trust the health of strangers, and what could become more common would be to be more open to the affection of those closest and known. . Thus, “friends with the right to touch” type relationships should become much more frequent.

“One of the ways that people satisfy their sexual needs while minimizing risks is to find a companion for quarantine,” says Dr. Justin Lehmiller.

And even if the fight against coronavirus had the best effect, it is possible that what will make our sexual health worse is if people lose their minds a little and indulge in sexually transmitted diseases without regard to free will.

“Increased sexual activity usually translates into an increase in the prevalence of sexually transmitted infections,” says Dr. Joshua González. So when you plan to restart your normal sexual rhythm “make sure you practice safe sex and get tested regularly.”

Regardless of the format in which you decide to enjoy your sex after this new disruptive environment, be it with your old partner or with lots of strangers, get used to the idea that the new sex may not look like what you used to have. With that of “radical renewal” in mind, embrace the changes and indulge in whatever that “new wave” of pleasure is, now that you can. There is much more to sex than simple penetration, it always has been, and we hope that from this period in our sexual activity caused by the pandemic, people have had enough time and common sense to finally realize it.

“Because we can’t go out and interact with the world like we did before, and we don’t know when or if things will get back to normal, people are being a little more creative in terms of how to meet their sexual needs,” says Lehmiller. “For example, In the remainder of the year, it is likely that we will see people much more receptive to incorporating novelties, especially in technology, into their sexual lives; for example, relying more on sexting, cybersex and sex toys that can be used remotely“.

Good sex has always consisted mainly of two people connecting erotically, be it with body parts, toys, accessories or whatever is necessary. It doesn’t take much, just an open and positive attitude and a few drops of imagination. Crossing your fingers from now on, we send you our best wishes.

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What is your sexual calendar for 2021? – Homoectile

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