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The French author Pascal Quignard said that “Desire fascinates”, which, for us, Homo Eréctiles, will never cease to be true. According to him, “The fascinus is the Roman word that means the phallus”, the origin of the fascinating. But the same Romans had for the penis, because one thing is not the same as the other, a very different word. It happens to us a bit like the poet Benedetti recited that happens to Americans, that: “you don’t know how to distinguish being from being; for you everything is to be”, as for us everything is penis.

But it was not so for the ancient Romans. For them, the phallus, the erect penis, was fascinus, and the penis at rest, mentula. And always according to Quignard, “Since the mentula (penis) is not at all the property of humanity, human societies avoid exhibiting an erect organ (fascinum) that too obviously recalls its bestial origin.”

Growers tend to have a significant rise of about 50 percent, while showers barely stretch.

Perhaps it is not necessary to be so dramatic, but the truth is that, as the Anglo-Saxon expression that distinguishes between “growers” ​​and “showers” ​​points out, as much as we may resemble each other in the fascinus, we can be very different in the mentula. The expression “grower vs. shower” could be translated as “growth versus ostentation”. In simple terms, this would be the dichotomy: many men show a small and flaccid penis at rest, but with great potential for growth; once erect your penis increases considerably in size. In contrast, showers flaunt a penis that is relatively large already flaccid, but does not actually increase much in size when erect.

Beyond personal preferences, which are somewhat reminiscent of that other dichotomy of whether “Do you prefer to be the secret lover of the most beautiful woman in the world or not to be and that everyone thinks you are?”, the theme, according to experts, it is due to a matter of skin elasticity. In other words, some men simply have more elastic penises than others (and not necessarily larger ones).

Showers tend to be more prominent than most in their flaccid state, essentially the same as their erect state, and are naturally more comfortable in shared locker room showers; walking his bestial nature shamelessly and in full view of everyone, no matter how much his size may well be a false promise.

But generalizations about penis size cannot be made solely on the basis of the relationship between flaccidity and erection; because this is different in each man. If a shower has it larger than average when it’s soft, it’s probably also bigger when it’s hard. Growers, on the other hand, are much more unpredictable, and what may appear to others to be a flaccid penis below average, can grow, as an unexpected gift or a surprise victory, to become a superior erect penis. to the middle

There is everything, small, medium and large growers and showers. And no outward appearance really reveals whether one would be able to get harder than the other, as the strength of an erection is the result of a good blood supply and this is determined by a totally different part of the penis.

The figures don’t lie, and according to them, 79 percent of men are growers, while 21 percent are showers, According to an international survey carried out by Men’s Health. In demographic terms, younger men tend to have more elastic penises because the collagen fibers inside the penis become less elastic with age.

While showers can show off without really having to prove anything, and lead potentially interested females to believe that they are good breeding males on the surface, growers are better suited for life in the jungle: their erections and therefore reproductive capacity may be exactly the same, but running through the jungle they run less risk of leaving their member hooked on some treacherous branch; the secret value of discretion.

If you’re not sure which class you and your member would fit into, the test is pretty straightforward. As it is a question of elasticity that is what you have to do, take it from one end, stretch it, and take out the measuring tape.

The propensity of a penis to grow is directly proportional to how much it can be stretched relative to the body (ie, how stretchable the collagen fibers within the skin of the penis are). Growers tend to have a significant rise of about 50 percent, while showers barely stretch.

Sometimes, men tend to accumulate some extra weight in our lower abdomen, right on top of our most precious asset. This extra volume can make our penis appear smaller, or poke like a barely visible tortoise’s head out of its shell. So it may seem like our penis is smaller, but once erect it becomes clear that its actual length and girth are as visible as they are obvious (and that’s as good a reason as any to watch your diet).

Returning to the philosophers, this time Greeks, Aristotle himself defined the male sex as that “which increases and decreases in volume”. Masculine desire is metamorphosis itself, where Aphrodite, the Greek venus (form, beauty) opposes the masculine, the fascinating phallic divinity, the amorphos god, from the Latin deformis: formless.

The nature of things, like the nature of man, is a single and identical growth, Quignard insists: “The human body presents but one singularly tinkling part, the man’s penis and, to a lesser degree, the scrotum… To that In this regard, what is affected is human sexuality in the parts that arouse desire, that is, in the parts that testify to desire through hesitation. It is those forms eminently marked by metamorphosis, located at the limit of the body, threatening to fall, which are in fact the most protected”.

Marco Valerio Marcial, the Hispanic poet who enjoyed great prestige in ancient Rome, said for his part that: “Man is a god when he dreams and a beggar when he reflects” so we are not going to think too much about why this topic we find it so “fascinating”. We will stay with other of his most famous words: “Who’s life is more dear to me than your cock?” whose translation could be more or less the following: “What am I going to do if I value my penis more than my own life?”

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What is that of being a grower or shower? – Homoerectile

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