What is point P? Everything you need to know about the prostate stimulator

What is Point P?

Do you know the equivalent of the female G-spot in men? For some time, the expression of Punto P has become popular to refer to the Male G spot.

And no, the P point is not in the penis, but is in the prostate, a gland whose main function is the production of part of the seminal flow, the liquid that contains sperm.

What are prostate orgasms like?

Prostate orgasms can be achieved with the stimulation of the prostate exclusively or accompanied by that of the penis as well. Keep in mind that this type of pleasure does not feel the same as that provided by the penis and leads to ejaculation. Men who experiment with their P-Spot describe orgasms as larger and more intense, Although there is nothing like trying it on yourself or as a couple to find out!

The key is to be aware that orgasm does not have to be linked to ejaculation.

It is time to banish the belief that ejaculation and orgasm is something that always happens at the same time. They are two independent processes that can be separated, although it requires self-knowledge and some training. Of course, some men prefer the prostate massage combined with penis stimulation. Others prefer only stimulation of the prostate. In this there is nothing written and it depends on the preferences of each one.

One of the advantages of prostate stimulation is that after achieving an orgasm you can continue to enjoy it with intensity. That is, the refractory period (time elapsed between ejaculation and subsequent arousal capacity) does not exist as in ejaculatory orgasm, so it is possible to continue.

How to get to point P?

Getting to the P-point of the man is something that can be difficult at first, but it becomes easy with a little practice. We try to explain where the P point or male prostate is located:

This point is located in the rectum, about 4-5 centimeters deep starting from the anus. It can be stimulated from the anterior wall of the same, that is, in the part that faces the bladder.

How to stimulate the P-point of man?

Prostate massage can be performed by inserting a finger into the male rectum a few centimeters, until you find a bulging part, in the area that faces the bladder. This centimeter-thick bulge is the prostate.

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What is point P? Everything you need to know about the prostate stimulator

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