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In BDSM there is the post-sex practice called “after-care”-“ aftercare ”, in Spanish–.

It is about sharing intimate moments after a bondage, domination, submission or sadomasochism session through caresses, kisses, a bath together and inclusive pedir a take-away The delivery. And the after-care to prevent sexual practice from becoming cruelty that disrupts the sexual rights of those involved.

In recent years, some sexologists and sexual health specialists have realized that the practice of after-care It is highly recommended regardless of being vanilla or BDSM sexual practices. In this way, each participant ensures that all be well and be careful after sex, especially if it helps prevent painful feelings like post-sexual dysphoria – or feeling very sad after sex.

❗️KEY FACT: After-care allows Each participant makes sure that everyone is well and takes care after sex.

Why is after-care recommended?

During sex, our body releases a series of neurotransmitters such as oxytocin, dopamine, and prolactin. These neurotransmitters help regulate how the body responds to sexual practice –before, during and after–, so there are occasions that post-sex sensations can vary: sometimes a significant connection with the sexual partner is felt; others, vulnerability and sadness. All this depends on the neurotransmitters in our body and how we feel with that sexual or sex-affective partner.

Indeed, a pleasure-based model of sexual health recognizes that aftercare is a way of continue the pleasure and intimacy. There are cases in which the spontaneous disconnection after a sexual connection can develop severe cases of post-sexual dysphoria.

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How to practice a sexual after-care?

Before practicing any type of after-care, the key is to consent with the sexual or sex-affective partner. One idea is to ask the person what they would like to do or how they feel after sex. Many people prefer:

  • feel the closeness of the body through hugs;
  • talk while lying down;
  • have a cup of tea;
  • o including ordering pizza.

Any strategy is good as long as both are in agreement and motivated to do it. By this we mean that there is no single way to practicar el after-care – it all depends on the creativity and needs of the practice participants.


Planning the after-care in advance can be just as meaningful and pleasant as the same sexual practice 😉

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What is after-care and why do you need to apply it after sex? – Vibrations Blog

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