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What is a Women’s Circle?

According to Bolen (2004) in his book The millionth circle “is a meeting of women who seek to exchange experiences, dances, knowledge, medicines, words, knowledge; strengthening ties and solidarity among women. ” (p.22)

Jean Shinoda Bolen. The Millionth Circle.

The circle is, in addition to a form, a principle, and it is opposed to the social order, to the hierarchical order that establishes a higher and a lower level, which classifies and compares each individual woman with others.

Women’s circles are spaces for meeting and connecting the feminine and all its essence. It is a time to look at our reflection in other women, to connect from our feelings and needs, with listening and loving presence, without judgment, It’s a witch ritual!

Don’t be scared, but there is a lot of magic in this meeting, coincidences, similar situations, mirrors…. We cannot explain it, we have to experience it. This sacred ritual charges us with energy and confidence to talk about what is happening to us and discover, pleasantly, that we are not the only ones going through that moment.

Why are the circles created?

Wanting to explore individually and in a group what being a woman is about, beyond the stereotypes and old patterns of behavior associated with women and men, the women’s circles.

Circles are safe spaces, only for women, where we can meet, experience our consciousness, question ourselves and, also, focus without any pretense to who we really are, freely and consciously.

Why is it a Shaktis circle and not a women’s circle?

Without wanting to generate differences, this is a circle focused on enhancing the feminine essence, promoting the evolution of women as beings connected with their authenticity. There are foundations, structure, but the facilitators are the ones who weave and, furthermore, it is not only a space to listen to ourselves, it will be a space to do and execute.

What does Shakti mean?

In Hinduism Shakti is what the feminine energy is called. Shakti is the creator, her attribute is the creative force and power. It is the energy that makes things materialize. Shakti is balanced perfection where discipline and creative spontaneity converge with fluidity.

Female empowerment goes beyond ISMOS or gender theories. It is about embracing and celebrating the power of the SHAKTI energy within you, lovingly supporting all your ways of acting.

Shakti is the expression of the multiple women within you.

What does a circle of shaktis cause in us?

It is a space in which we all give and receive, without being judged, without feeling fear. It is a safe and confidential space.

It is an experience to feel as equals. We learn to accept ourselves and others. We understand that each woman is our reflection.

In a circle all voices matter, and everything said goes.

In the following lines I tell you how much a circle of women will benefit you.

A circle recharges us with energy, makes us develop empathy and accept the power of being a woman.

A circle of shaktis provides us with a space where we can generously see and be heard.

feminine hug

The stage to be yourself, discover your authenticity and melt the masks and armor.

A Circle of Shaktis is always sacred. It is a space of respect to treat each other as sisters.

Is an intimate space where you can chat, find support, express yourself authentically and confront yourself.


  • In these spaces no advice is given because it is a place to listen, understand, support and accompany, not a place to tell anyone what to do.
  • It is not judged, which is one of the things that many women fear, and that is why it is difficult for them to share certain things.
  • These circles are places where you can show you as you are, without pretending.


In the women’s circle, a safe, confidential place is created that will encourage you to talk about deep and interesting topics such as, for example, the relationship with your parents, the search for the meaning of life, sexual dissatisfaction, depression, traumatic experiences or the healing of past abuses and patterns.Circle_women_sexuality_feminine


I assure you that you will feel very good when you share something that you had never told before, something that made you feel vulnerable and that some of the members of the circle may also be experiencing.

The power of the group

In these places you will nourish yourself with feminine energy, because after spending time with other women you will feel more focused to make better decisions.

You will be able to connect with other women, inspire and be inspired

Joining a women’s circle is an extraordinary alternative where you will get to know yourself better and make new friends.

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What is a Circle of Shaktis and what is its power? | Sexurer

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