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If you’ve ever felt that you you connect with someone in inexplicable ways, you think about that person all the time and you always want to be by their side, you already know what it is to fall madly in love. And the chemistry of love took effect!

Anyone who has fallen in love knows that love comes with intense, chaotic, sometimes even contradictory feelings. And no, we are not crazy, it is just that when we fall in love we explode a cocktail of chemicals that revolutionize our emotions, even our physical sensations. 🎉

You may think that by understanding how our brain 🧠 and body 💪🏼 works when we fall in love, the magic disappears but the chemistry of love makes us feel the strongest and most powerful emotions.

Therefore, we have resorted to Paloma Carvajalino, clinical psychologist, specialist in emotional and mood disorders, who will help us understand how our body responds to that wonderful feeling of falling in love.

What happens in our body and mind when we like someone? 🎉

When talking about mental or brain issues, what usually happens is that when we like someone or when we fall in love, in addition to having a physical animal attraction, linked to the reptilian brain, known as the instinctive brain or basic brainor, this being the most primitive brain of all according to the theory of MacLean.

Therefore, the need for procreation is activated in our genetics and it is at that moment when that stage of infatuation or liking begins.

The first thing that happens on a mental level in that first phase of falling in love or feeling that we like someone, is the activation of a substance in the brain called phenylethylamine. This substance forces the mind to secrete dopamine, the substance of love..

Besides dopamine it is possible to secrete oxytocin, the happiness hormone, put it in some way. This mixture of brain chemicals is responsible for us feeling in a state of natural euphoria. This chemical deployment in the brain gives the sensation that we were taking an amphetamine, that is, it generates the effect of an addictive substance.

And also, that we begin to have particular physical sensations such as tingling in the stomach, sweating in the hands, stuttering and nervousness when we are around that person we like. That’s when you feel like you can’t stop thinking about that person.

“Feeling that euphoria makes you want to be permanently with your partner and focus your attention solely and exclusively on your relationship,” he explains. Carvajalino.

What parts of the brain are involved when we see the person we like? 🧠

It is usually believed or has been discovered that when we talk about a crush, according to different studies, two very specific areas in the brain are activated; the ventral tegmental zone, which is where all the dopamine is produced and the caudate nucleus, related to memory and coordination of movements.

These two areas are related to the reward system in the human being, which is linked to motivation; which in turn is traversed by a particular emotion, which leads us to make decisions and, failing that, to act in one way or another.

In addition, we also use the entire tension system when we focus our attention and efforts on a particular situation. In this case, the fact of being in love.

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When falling in love, is love or not in the heart? 💓

If we take into account the whole explanation of what happens in our brain when we fall in love or when we feel like someone, we would think that not, says the Clinical psychologist, Paloma Carvajalino.

When talking about emotion, culturally it is usually related to the heart. But, Emotions are a cognitive process, and they have a brain processing that produces all the symptoms that certain physical sensations generate, which is what can be identified as love.

According, Paloma, “In a very idyllic perspective and from the romanticism one might think so, but clearly love is a deployment of activated chemicals in certain brain areas that end up generating physical sensations that we know as love.” 💘

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Fell in love? Clues to know that the chemistry of love took effect 😍

For the clinical psychologist, Paloma Carvajalino, More than indications to know if the chemistry of love had an effect, consider that there are 3 phases or moments. And therefore, relationships must overcome them in order to move from infatuation to love.

  1. The first is the attraction phase:
    It usually lasts a few months and it is when we feel that physical attraction, which sometimes we do not understand very well.
  2. Second level:
    It usually lasts between 2 and 4 years approximately, it is where we have already spent a bit falling in love, where the relationship is stronger and more intimate.
  3. Third and last phase:
    It is where most of us would like to go or seek to go. It is where bonds are created, which can last indefinitely and in terms of sexual attraction, it does not disappear but is consolidated in a different way.

Like it or not, the love chemistry controls much of our actions. That is why we must try to build healthy relationships that help us in our personal growth. 💖 The key is to create a team with our couples! 💪🏼And remember, when it comes to wellness, on the blog of DoctorAkí ‍We think about you.

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What happens to the brain and the body when you fall in love | Doctor Akí

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