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We’d like to think that a man never feels as manly as when he’s hard as a rock, a monument to his masculinity and sexual prowess. But the truth is that you don’t always have an erection when you want, nor do you always have it at the right time.

“The process of an erection” explains Dr. Koushik Shaw, urologist at the Austin Institute of Urology “is actually quite a complex process that involves the synchronized work of the brain, psyche, nerves, blood vessels, hormones and tissues” and is almost never fully conscious.

It would be ideal, for everyone, that the mechanism of initiation of an erection, like a well-trained dog, would respond without delay to a clear command such as: “Get up!”. or “Rest!” once their work is done and we want to get back the space in our pants, but it doesn’t.

There are many occasions when erections appear completely fortuitously and often inopportunely.

Roughly speaking, an erection occurs when there is sexual arousal in the man. As a result, hormones, muscles, nerves, and blood vessels work together to create an erection. This begins when nerve signals from the brain stimulate the muscles of the penis to relax and blood flows filling it until an erection is achieved. Then the vessels close and maintain the erection. Once the trigger is gone or the urge is satisfied, the veins in the penis reopen and the blood escapes back into the bloodstream.

But not all erections occur in response to sexual stimulation or the manifestation of desire. There are many occasions when erections appear completely fortuitously and often inopportunely.

Although these “random” erections are generally considered a normal function and can be interpreted as a sign of good cardiovascular health, they can also be a nuisance that puts us in the position of having to explain instead of doing more interesting things for which our erection would be better endowed.

Back in 2017, Cosmopolitan magazine published what they believed would be the definitive guide to each different type of erection. A list with which presumably we, executors and victims of those erections, could or could not agree but that is well worth reviewing in search of our most usual suspects.

Among the most frequent, we find the erection that coincides with the desire to urinate, and it supposes in itself a dilemma and a debate of priorities. The urge to pee distracts us from the pleasure we might get out of it and the firmness of the erection prevents us from urinating in a comfortable position other than doing a handstand in front of the toilet. In the end we always end up bending our penis beyond what the laws of physics allow, trying to avoid getting our chin wet or worse.

Also, another classic, and somehow related to the first, we find the well-known morning erection, which is only distinguished from the first in that it takes place while we sleep and is not accompanied by the urge to urinate. This type of erection may be precisely the one that reveals that, in the case of suffering from them, our problems in obtaining or maintaining an erection are more psychological than physical, since they show that the mechanics of our erections work perfectly.

The inappropriate erection is one that takes place beyond our control and in too public places.

The inappropriate erection is one that takes place beyond our control and in too public places. It can happen anywhere, but always under the threat of being perceived by the wrong person. In the best of cases, they will appear on visits to the beach with friends who are unaware of the feelings they provoke in us, and they will end up buried in the sand or delaying our return from the water to the towel. In the worst case, we will suffer it while saying a few words at the funeral of a relative, in front of all our loved ones. It’s proof that our penis doesn’t have to play by our rules and that, all too often, it’s a sociopath to keep an eye on.

The sad erection is the one that takes place when we have its need farthest from our mind. It is hard to understand why, when we are bathed in our tears, for whatever reason, our little sociopath makes an appearance as if attracted by our suffering.

Close to this we could also recognize the treacherous boner, which is the one we have when we should not have it under any circumstances, for example after a phimosis operation or somewhere close to its location and that, with tight skin, threatens to skip the stitches that the medical staff has left us with so much love.

The gym erection has more and less inappropriate versions. It’s not unreasonable that the extra blood flow produced by vigorous exercise, or our own sweaty, muscular reflex, in a tribute to Narcissus, would give us a boner in recognition of our achievements and efforts. It is convenient to cover it with a towel because it is, at least, strange. The other, even worse, is the one that can take place in the dressing room when we are already naked to enter the shower or directly in it, in the company of others who, initially, we did not think would arouse that reaction. If, once discovered, it is well received by all those present, including yourself: from here we have nothing more to say.

The sentimental erection or “for love” has garnered independent articles in different media and is also a bit treacherous, because it takes place in moments charged with “emotion” but not necessarily sexual, and puts us in the obligation of having to explain to our partner why we get the way we do when they cry in our arms after telling us about some serious emotional problem. “I’m sorry, honey, but it’s completely out of my control” would be our only explanation.

And finally, we have the erection that we thought we had lost forever, the one that appears when we have abandoned all hope, in our most distant and least erotic old age, or prostrate on our deathbed, sick as dogs. We could only call it the last erection and, as if it were the mythical green ray, we must be attentive to enjoy it as it deserves. In the words of the Cosmopolitan article: We can only “smile wistfully and, as the blood drains from our penis for the last time, realize that there is not much else to look forward to, except the sweet release of death.” To which I can only add that, if the swan song can be chosen, I want mine to be just that.

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What does each type of erection mean? – Homoerectile

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