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By researching several months ago, we discovered Live Trans, a webzine (online magazine) dealing with transidentity with kindness. Created in February 2018, Vivre Trans was created by Alice, author of the many articles referenced. The desire to talk about it more and freely came to him from his entourage, frequenting several people from the LGBTQ community which often raised the same issues.

At Pheros, we advocate tolerance and acceptance of oneself and others. The subject of transgender people is close to our hearts and we have sought to understand the stages of transition that a transgender person may go through. In fact, our knowledge has long been limited to the poignant stories of films like Laurence Anyways by Xavier Dolan and The Danish Girl by Tom Hooper (Les Misérables, Le discours d’un roi etc.) 😍 For those interested you will find the 2 trailers at the end of this article.

Being transgender?

How a transgender person feels is to be born in the “bad body”. Indeed, she does not recognize herself in the gender assigned to her at birth. This feeling appears in childhood (generally from an early age) but can take a long time to be accepted and therefore expressed (… because you have to be able to identify it and it is not always obvious depending on where you come from. and how we are surrounded).

A transgender person who wants to start a transition will start by changing their physical appearance to be in harmony with his mentality.

As underlines Living trans, behind the word “transition” are hidden several processes that are sometimes heavy to bear:
– surgical operations
– medical treatment,
– hormones new identity with a new first name, pronoun (he / she)
– change of dress

However, medical operations and treatment are difficult and expensive passages and therefore not always engaged. This is where it takes distinguish between transgender and transsexual. A transexual is someone who has had surgery to modify their genitals. Someone who identifies with a different gender than the one assigned at birth is transgender.

Laverne Cox, actrice dans Orange is The New Black

If you are from Bordeaux, know that theassociation Trans 3.0 is at your disposal and will answer all your questions 😊

Living trans, a guide to your different experiences


There are a lot of interesting topics about transidentity: how does a transgender or transsexual person feel on a daily basis, what operations can be done, what to do if your child tells you they are transgender, how to support these people, am I myself transgender, etc.

The online magazine Vivre Trans will help you understand the world of transidentity through articles related to society, psychology and health. Vivre Trans also writes articles on transgender models, TV series, art, and more. transgender personalities. By showing examples of successes and talking about subjects that are still delicate, even taboo, Alice, defining herself as an ally, hopes to bring a little comfort, even solutions to those who feel alone or a little lost in the face of all these polemics.

Gender identity

In reality, he does not have to belong to either the masculine or the feminine gender. Indeed, it is possible to be bigenre : to feel a man and a woman at the same time or genderfluid : sometimes feeling a man and sometimes a woman. This is what Ruby Rose, former actress of Orange is The New Black, proclaims. You can find our article on gender identity to find out a little more.

You can find Vivre Trans articles on its website, son Facebook or on Twitter (@VivreTrans)! Do not hesitate to support it and come freely to exchange with the community, always benevolent 😉

Laurence Anyways – Trailer

The Danish Girl – Bande annonce

We want to give thanks to the author of this short article for this outstanding material

Vivre Trans, the webzine that guides you in your transition

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