“Viral challenge” would be behind the cases of sexual abuse in a school

A new complaint of alleged sexual abuse appeared in the same private school in Lambaré. In this case, the victim is a seven-year-old minor, who “seeing and hearing” the media commotion of the first reported case, “decided to tell his parents,” said prosecutor Karina Sánchez, of the Specialized Unit in the Fight against Human Trafficking and Child Sexual Exploitation.

“We believe that there could be more situations of this,” he said, noting that they are verifying the existence of a pattern of behavior that indicates whether these events resulted from a challenge or viral challenge.

“I take advantage of this moment to call on parents to consult, talk to their children and give them the assurance that they will be protected from a possible situation of abuse because we believe that there could be more situations,” said the agent. in dialogue with Radio Monumental 1080 AM.

One day before this second case was known, the specialist in Cyber ​​​​Risk, Miguel Ángel Gaspar, warned the Prosecutor’s Office about the possibility that the first reported case is part of a challenge that adolescents do on social networks (TikTok) as part of a “ritual” of belonging to a group.

“I recommend to the community of parents that they sit down to talk with their children to find out if there have been more cases. This challenge or challenge can be that of the safari, or that of the initiation, it is not new, and there have already been reports of children who were forced to break things from their schools and bury them on the property or bring things from their homes for the same ”, launched Gaspar, director of Paraguay Ciberseguro and Ciberpadres Latin America.

Viral challenges are difficult to track, he said, due to the diversity of proposals. “There is a group of students who are in San Lorenzo and one of them comes up with the idea of ​​doing a viral challenge of jumping out of a chair and headbutting the fan, to see if it removes its hair, and after ten minutes that viral challenge is being done in Ciudad del Este”, gave an example.

The challenges, like the initiation ones, “are famous in secondary environments, from the Middle School and above, where to be in some type of group you have to meet some requirements,” he reviewed.

He recalled that at the beginning of the school year teachers – from public and private schools – denounced the vandalization of the institution’s resources.

“And it was because of this challenge because the boys broke something or stole something and took it home or buried it in the same school; just to say that they did it,” said Gaspar.

This is how they disappeared from a school, from the contents of a bottle of detergent to a bathroom mirror or the wheel of the computer mouse, etc. “It was recorded throughout the country and it was an isolated event,” he shot.

I recommend that the parent community sit down and talk with their children to find out if there have been more cases. Miguel Ángel Gaspar, cybersecurity expert.

They agree to resume classes, but virtual

The intervention team of the Ministry of Education and Sciences (MEC), the teachers and the parents’ association of the private school in Lambaré, where these acts of alleged sexual abuse took place, reached several agreements yesterday; among them, that they will teach again, although in the virtual modality.

Dr. Zulma Morales, director of Educational Development of the MEC, told this page that the resumption of classes in the intervened institution would take place next Friday or no later than next Monday and from the fourth grade onwards.

The proposal to take virtuality was born from the MEC, according to Morales, who said that they informed the parents about the details of the intervention.

“We reached a consensus that, as soon as we restore the space in terms of security, classes will return to face-to-face. Meanwhile, they are going to be developed in a virtual way, until they are fully sure that the spaces are accommodated, according to the findings of this intervening team, ”he said.

The MEC ordered the suspension – until today – of classes in that institution. Meanwhile, they asked the teachers to prepare the materials to reactivate the lessons.

“From the 4th grade and above, we are going to start this Friday, if the conditions are right. If not, we would start on Monday (16) with the virtuality of all levels, except the initial ”, he separated.

Morales explained that they will order the school to comply framed by the MEC.

“The first thing we work on is the implementation of placing more cameras within the educational institution; organize the spaces so that they are not for joint use”, he listed, indicating that they are still “in an incipient process of intervention” and will have “many lines that we are going to close both with teachers and with parents”.

He specified that when it comes to segregating spaces, it is to respect the area of ​​ambulation by cycles. “That the first cycle is related only to the first cycle, as we have in public institutions. When we have breaks, they are differentiated, so that the spaces are shared by children who are in the same biological development and there can be no spaces for beatings, bullying or these possibilities, ”he said about cases of sexual abuse.

The aforementioned meeting lasted for more than three hours in which 100 parents participated, who represented each grade of the educational entity. “We adjusted our position as an intervention team and reached agreements with the parents where we are going to work collaboratively and they are also going to be controllers of the improvement plan that could be presented within the educational institution,” he said.

Morales stressed that, at first, teachers and parents were divided; but, at the request of the meeting the day before, they also reached a consensus among themselves.

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“Viral challenge” would be behind the cases of sexual abuse in a school