Vélez reacted to Villa’s new scandal: he closed the Selection door

After so much controversy and being reeling in Boca JuniorsFirst because of the legal situation after his ex-partner’s complaint, and then because of the punishment he received from the club for being absent from training, Sebastián Villa was gradually recovering his presence in the xeneize and thanks to good performances, some asked for a second opportunity to be called up to the Colombian National Team. Now, after being accused of serious crimes, he is once again in the eye of the hurricane.

Well, after the new scandal in Argentina that became known on Friday, where the Colombian winger was denounced for alleged sexual abuse and attempted murder of a woman in that country, the journalist Carlos Antonio Vélez made his position clear in the face of a possible presence in the tricolor and closed the door, once and for all, to the players who are involved in situations like this.

“It goes without saying that a unionized player and/or with pending complaints for gender-based violence and the like IS NOT ELIGIBLE for a national soccer team. At least ours, even if he scores 500 goals per game. A call-up is a distinction and a prize Period”, mentioned the sports analyst.

It should be remembered that in the absence of a goal in Colombia during the Qualifiers against Qatar, on social networks they asked for an opportunity for Sebastián Villa, indicating that his legal situation had not yet been resolved (that is, that his responsibility was not proven after the complaint of gender of his ex-partner) and that while that was happening he could contribute to the tricolor. For Reinaldo Rueda, Colombia’s coach at the time, there was no room for discussion and he assured during a call that until he was declared innocent, he could not take him or anyone involved in similar situations into account.

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Vélez reacted to Villa’s new scandal: he closed the Selection door