Through a statement issued from the Armando Robles Rivera High School In the commune of Valdivia, Los Ríos region, it was reported that the director of the school entity was suspended from his duties in the midst of an investigation into sexual harassment.

This is an investigation into various accusations of sexual abuse and harassment against colleagues from the establishment.

“Dear community, along with greeting you and wishing you are well, we allow ourselves to communicate that, in the face of the latest events, A number of measures have been taken. begins the text disclosed by Facebook.

In addition, it was detailed that the measure was specifically taken to suspend the director from his position. Luis Iturra Cardenas.

This suspension will last for the duration of the investigation, period in which he assumes the functions of director (S) Marlene Bastidas B., Teacher and academic coordinator of the high school.

Alleged sexual harassment in Valdivia

In the case of Armando Robles High School, it was confirmed that the summary is also against the director of the establishment, because it would not have dealt with the complaints in a timely manner of the venue he directs.

In addition, it was confirmed that neither of the two persons summarily are currently working in the aforementioned educational facilities, what would be for presentation of medical licenses.

Regarding the cases indicated by the mayor regarding harassment and sexual abuse between colleagues, the authority detailed that these would be multiple and in different schools, therefore, the background information would still be collected.