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This is a very common problem, but one that is rarely talked about. The causes can be many, although the most frequent is the decrease in estrogen that comes with menopause. However, it can also appear during lactation and in situations of stress, or be caused by the use of contraceptives, the taking of some medications or specific infections.

In any case, and whatever the cause, there is a solution. What happens is that in most cases it is not consulted because we do not give it much importance, unless it is accompanied by other discomforts, such as itching, changes in the secretions of the vaginal area or difficulties in having sexual relations. However, it is important to treat this problem, especially if it is accompanied by other symptoms, as it can favor the appearance of urinary tract infections or worsen over time.

If it happens to you, the first thing you should do is consult your gynecologist. Sometimes the treatment is very simple. exist hydrating creams that help the vaginal mucosa retain more water. You may also notice a lack of lubrication and pain during intercourse. In these cases it is also advisable to use lubricating gels or creamswhich help reduce friction during intercourse and facilitate penetration.

If these measures are not enough and the dryness is due to the decrease in estrogen, you can resort to hormone therapy. The most effective pharmacological treatment in these cases is the local application of estrogens. The doses administered are very low, so its effects on other organs are very limited, so don’t worry. There are different presentations: gels, creams, rings and vaginal tablets. But it should always be a doctor who tells you if you should use them, for how long and how to do it.

Today there are also other treatments such as the application of laser or platelet-rich plasma that are very useful for the most difficult cases. Both contribute to tissue regeneration and improve local blood supply. In our center we have a specific Unit of regenerative gynecology that offers these treatments. Regenerative gynecology is a new subspecialty of gynecology that offers medical and surgical treatments to restore the physical appearance and functionality of the vagina, vulvar area, and pelvic floor.

The laser treatment It is performed on an outpatient basis and is practically painless. Generally it is necessary to carry out three sessions to obtain results, although it depends on each case. Its application stimulates the formation of collagen, improves the lubrication and tone of the vaginal canal. Its effects usually last about 12 months, or even longer, depending on the case, so they are not definitive. When necessary, it can be repeated.

Regarding the treatment with platelet Rich Plasma, It is performed from a blood sample that is obtained from the patient through an analysis. The amount that is extracted is similar to that of a normal analysis. This treatment revitalizes the skin of the vaginal area, increases natural lubrication and reduces pain in cases of painful intercourse. It is indicated above all to women who are approaching or are in the stage of menopause. In general, the results begin to be noticed in a couple of weeks. The answer depends on the tissue’s capacity for regeneration and on individual factors such as age, hormonal status, whether you are a smoker or have other pathologies. Benefits are maintained between 6 and 12 months, depending on the factors mentioned. Between each session you have to wait at least a month, and a year you can do a maximum of three sessions.

Are there effective “natural” treatments?

The kegel exercises They temporarily increase vascularization in the area, so they can be beneficial. But you should practice them only if you have a good understanding of the technique and under the supervision of a physical therapist or expert professional. However, this measure by itself is usually ineffective.

Regarding the local application of vegetable oils rich in unsaturated fatty acids (from rosehip, olive evening primrose or burdock, can help hydrate the area, but you must be careful not to affect the mucous membranes and cause irritation.

Vaginal and vulvar gels containing hyaluronic acid They can be useful as part of a more complete treatment, but each case must be assessed, so, before buying them, consult your gynecologist.

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Vaginal dryness: is there a solution? – Blog Dexeus Woman

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