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The National Union of Student Centers of Paraguay (Unepy) requires the MEC a preventive protocol against sexual abuse in educational institutions. This after the case that occurred in a private school in Lambaré, to which were added several other complaints of sexual abuse in children in other parts of the country. The MEC has had an inter-institutional intervention guide in cases of “violation of sexual rights” since 2015, but it is not well known.

Representatives of the National Union of Student Centers of Paraguay (Unepy) require the Ministry of Education and Sciences (MEC) an preventive protocol against sexual abuseafter the serious event that occurred in a private institution of lambaré. In this educational institution there would be a second victim.

Carlos Fabian Duarteone of the Unepy spokesmen, said that in the first meeting held with the authorities from the MEC received manuals on bullyingwhich referred more than anything to bullying and are not focused on sexual abuse.

In this sense, representatives of the student union carried out several mobilizations against sexual abuse, with the motto “Our bodies don’t”. in the department of Missionsspecifically in the city of Ayolasstudents of the national school of secondary and diversified education Villa Permanente They held a sit-in at the educational institution.

students of the José Agustín Molas presbyter school also joined the demonstrations and requested the implementation of Comprehensive Sexuality Education (EIS) in the curriculum on a mandatory basis.

In the town of Santiagothe students of the Carlos Antonio López National School in repudiation of the abuses registered in children and adolescents. In addition they claimed the lack of a protocol for prevention.

“It is time to raise our voices again and go against all these specific problems that, to a large extent, could be prevented if we were all informed and trained on HIA. We will not tire of repeating that this is the solution”, said one of the statements.

Duarte stated that Unepy’s request is that the teaching about sexuality or CSE can be applied gradually within the framework of the educational transformation project promoted by the MEC.

Sonia Escauriza, General Director of Children and Adolescents of the MEC, stated that the educational portfolio has a protocol against sexual abuse since 2015, but did not specify details. Indeed, since yesterday the “Interinstitutional Intervention Guide for the attention of cases of violation of sexual rights and reproductive rights” has been on the web, a document approved in 2015, but not widely disseminated until now.

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Unepy requires the MEC a preventive protocol against sexual abuse – Nationals – ABC Color