UES Prosecutor puts in reserve case of employee accused of harassment

The Attorney General’s Office of the University of El Salvador (UES) agreed to reserve all the information and discussions about the cases of workplace harassment that two employees of the alma mater denounced against the Secretary of Communications. Since last May 12, it was known that the Superior University Council (CSU) held a hearing against the university official, after two employees who worked with him in the Communications Unit claimed to be victims of acts of workplace harassment, discrimination and verbal bullying.

The employees filed the complaint with the University Prosecutor’s Office in October 2018, said a source close to the victims who requested anonymity for fear of reprisals within the university. The source stated that since before the covid-19 pandemic began, the CSU authorities have delayed the process to hold the hearing and fear that there will be no respective sanctions for the acts that the official would have committed.

“The argument for the delay has been the issue of the pandemic, this has been making the process lengthen. Neither they nor anyone else can talk about the case because of the reservation, but there is fear that everything will go unpunished,” he said. the fountain. During the CSU hearing that took place on May 12, it was unofficially known that the necessary votes were not obtained for the accused to be sanctioned.

According to the Organic Law of the UES, for the CSU to reach agreements, at least 20 votes out of 37 are needed. There is a process and a resolution hearing has been set. As authorities, we advocate due process in this case and in all others of this nature.”

This CSU session will be held next week.

This is not the first time that the UES has been questioned for covering up cases of harassment against women, students, teachers and administrative workers. In mid-2018, the CSU maintained a total reserve on the case of José Boanerges Osorto Guevara, professor of the Sociocultural Anthropology Degree at the UES, accused of the crimes of aggravated injuries, threats with special aggravation and expressions of violence against women. to the detriment of a student. When the case came to the public eye, the Board of Directors of the UES removed the total reservation of the case, which at that time was handled only internally. The UES dismissed the teacher by order of a court, to comply with the protection measures for the victim and he remained free until August 1, 2018, when he was arrested by the Attorney General’s Office (FGR). . However, Osorto Guevara obtained alternative measures to detention in May 2019.

The case of Art and Culture professor Ricardo Mendoza Alberto was also heard at the UES, who sued a student and the group of feminists Amorales for “defamation and damage to honor”, after they revealed a case of sexual harassment to the detriment of his former student The #OjosEnLaUES campaign has reported several other cases, such as the death of a student from the Faculty of Medicine, which sparked outrage among her classmates and other students who practice in hospitals in the public network. Dozens of students demonstrated outside the Faculty to demand better treatment for all Medicine students, after the mistreatment to which the seventh-year girl was exposed during her internship in hospitals came to light.







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UES Prosecutor puts in reserve case of employee accused of harassment