UDG: They arrest a university teacher for sexual abuse against a student

The Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office confirmed that it arrested Jesús R., high school teacher at the University of Guadalajara (UdeG), for his probable responsibility in the crime of sexual abuse against one of his students.

The agency explained that was located and apprehended at the intersection of Patricia Villalobos and Ángel Martínez streets, in the Rancho Nuevo neighborhood, in Guadalajara.

It was reported how the victim’s complaint was that led to the arrest of the UdeG teacher:

“On April 26, elements of the State Police responded to an emergency call regarding a student who was allegedly the victim of an illegal deprivation of liberty by several subjects (the teacher was one of them), as well as suffering a sexual assault in the streets of the Rancho Nuevo neighborhood, in Guadalajara, for which the first responders requested command and leadership from an agent of the Public Ministry”.

The Prosecutor’s Office added in a statement that “once the criminal news became known, the staff began with detailed investigations that included various interviews, tours of the streets of the neighborhood as well as hours of video analysis, among others.”

The professor of high school 11 of the UdeG, indicated the Prosecutor’s Office, threatened to publicly reveal some photographs he had of the young woman, for which he was placed at the disposal of the Judge of Control, Oral Trial and Criminal Execution Specialized in Violence Against Women of the First Judicial District of the State of Jalisco where he must answer for the crime of sexual abuse.

The audience

This Saturday, May 14, the initial hearing begins, where Jesús R. He was charged by the Public Ministry for the crime indicated, accepting the defense to the extension of the constitutional term of 144 hours, setting the judge for the accused various measures.

“As the stages of the procedure progress, it will be reported through official channels,” the agency said.


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UDG: They arrest a university teacher for sexual abuse against a student