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What about the harness? That’s the thing about the climbers, right? Is it suitable for any type of couple? But … Isn’t that for those who do “weird things”?

These are some of the questions that you frequently ask us both in our tuppersex meetings and in our erotic online store, and that is, there is still a lot of ignorance about sex, and you already know that from La Sonrisa de Aphrodita we are dedicated to spreading elegant sex , healthy and fun, so we are going to explain the fantastic (and wide) world of sexual harnesses with some examples of the best models of each type of harness. Do you dare to discover them with us?

What is a sexual harness?

A harness is a sexual peripheral made up of straps that are normally placed around the waist and / or below the buttocks and, in the front area, at the height of the pubis, it has a hole where you can place a dildo or vibrator with it. than to penetrate another person. This would be a “classic” sex harness.

Now, this description is very general, since this field has been expanding and you can find harnesses with or without straps, single or double, with or without vibration, realistic or fantasy … A whole range of possibilities for pleasure!

Who can use a sex harness?

Any couple wanting to enjoy, experiment and often improve their sexuality.

What uses can be given to a sexual harness?

The most common is that this product is associated with lesbian couples, but more and more heterosexual couples are being encouraged to include it in their “toy drawer” and try the Pegging, that is to say, that the woman puts on the harness and anally penetrates the man. Little by little, more and more heterosexual men dare to get started in fantastic anal stimulation and discover their famous Point P. And, if you have a wonderful point of pleasure … Why not try it, don’t you think? Of course, to practice safe and pleasant anal sex, you have to know how to do it well, consult our Anal Sex tutorial.

Another very common use option is when the man has some type of sexual dysfunction that prevents him from penetrating his partner in the way or for the time that he would like. For this, there are harnesses that instead of dildos or vibrators, have hollow sheaths for penises. The penis is inserted into the sleeve and thus can penetrate your sexual partner. Obviously, the stimulation in his member is reduced, but in return, he enjoys giving pleasure to the other person. Here visual stimulation and wanting to please your playmate are vitally important. Remember that the largest sexual organ that humans have is THE BRAIN!

And for those who want to feel full experiences, there are other harnesses that the man puts on in such a way that the phallus is under his penis, in this way he manages to “have” two limbs, that is, he can double penetrate his partner, either the two phalluses through the same orifice or, in the case that the penetrated is a woman, it can penetrate simultaneously through the vagina and the anus.

You see that the options they offer are very varied! We are going to see what types of harnesses there are, according to the use that we are going to give them.



For all of you who want to get started in the field of harnesses, this would be a good option. It can be used for any type of sexual game or practice and is unisex, valid for everyone. Either a game of two girls, pegging or as a sheath for a penis, since the dildo is hollow and it can be inserted.

The dildo has a phallic shape although it is purple in color and is made of flexible and adaptable material, maintaining adequate rigidity for good thrusts.

It is fastened through an elastic waistband and with adjustable straps below the buttocks, so that it is well supported, giving freedom of movement.

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TYPES OF SEX HARNESSES – Aphrodite’s Smile

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