Two young people identified after complaint of sexual abuse in a hotel: one is a minor – Police –

As reported in court, a young woman was taken a few days ago, by young people in a vehicle, to a motel located in the Zanni area at the end. Although there is an important reservation in the judicial measures, it was learned that the victim had been forced to ingest narcotics that allowed them to reduce the level of resistance to sexual assault.

The victim would have suffered “abuse, and even torture.” And once her aberrant acts were over, they took her to her house, where they left her. Hours later, the girl recovered and she, battered, filed a complaint in the courts of Paraná.

Four raids and two identified

After the complaint of a 20-year-old girl, who assured that in the early hours of last Monday, she was sexually abused by three boys inside a lodging hotel in Paraná and within the framework of the investigation, raids were carried out in the area of Colonia Avellaneda and San Benito.

At the disposal of the Gender Prosecution Unit, personnel from the Trafficking in Persons Division carried out tasks to “make a series of evidence available to the case to advance the investigation,” Chief Commissioner Eliana Galarza, deputy chief of the division, explained to Elonce. of Human Trafficking.
Within this framework, raids and vehicle searches were carried out. Between yesterday Friday and this Saturday morning in the area of ​​Colonia Avellaneda and San Benito, four raids were carried out, a vehicle search was carried out and elements relevant to the case were kidnapped.

Elements were seized and two males were made available to the Prosecutor’s Office: one, of legal age (23 years old) and the other, a minor (17 years old), Galarza said. They were identified.

Cameras have been requested from the hotel accommodation area, to seek to advance the cause.

On the other hand, and according to other informative sources, The eleven He was able to learn that both the victim and the aggressors “first they were at the Thompson Spa and from there they took the girl to the hotel.”

In addition, our media learned that the two identified young people would be friends with each other. The eleven.

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Two young people identified after complaint of sexual abuse in a hotel: one is a minor – Police –