Two weeks after taking office, Chaves apologizes to women who denounced him for sexual harassment |

( The President-elect of the Republic, Rodrigo Chaves Robles, extended an apology to the women who were his subordinates at the World Bank (WB) and that they denounced him for alleged sexual harassment.

Through a video posted on his social networks, the future president said that although these complaints were dismissed in 3 instances, he wanted to offer an apology, as he said after a process of reflection.

The apologies of the next ruler are given 13 days after the presidential sash is placed on him and his administration begins.

“I have reflected deeply, learned a lot and understood better, which allows me today to act decisively as president. I thank God for the opportunity he gives me to bring about positive change for the women of my country,” Chaves said.

He added that his first public policy commitment as president starting May 8 is that his administration will do everything possible “to free women from all kinds of harassment” in their jobs, public places and homes.

In addition, he promised to create a high-level commission to promote the respect and inclusion of women. As she said she, The report will have to be ready in July and will be the task of the heads of the ministries of the Condition of Women, Justice, Security, Labor, Economy.

“There will be zero tolerance, I repeat, zero tolerance. This commitment begins the path of my government and closes a painful chapter in the lives of my former colleagues, my wife, my daughters, my sisters and my own. Chavez said.

Throughout the electoral campaign, Chaves faced harsh questions for a report that severely sanctioned him. for having shown inappropriate behavior of a sexual nature towards 2 women who were his subordinates when I worked at the BM.

Chaves always defended that there was not enough evidence for the World Bank to find him responsible for sexual harassment. However, the Administrative Court of this organization verified that Chaves committed sexual harassment between 2008 and 2013 against the 2 officials. This report is the most recent and dates from 2019.

The WB’s punishment against Chaves consisted of transferring him to a lower-ranking position, prohibiting him for 3 years from aspiring to promotions within the organization and receiving salary increases.

According to the complaint against Chaves, the women who felt offended pointed him out for asking them questions about their sentimental life, for asking them out and for looking at them suggestively. One of the women accused the presidential candidate of trying to kiss her on several occasions, and because she proposed a date in a hotel.

In January of last year, the World Bank agreed to issue a security alert before Chaves’ access to all the organization’s offices to protect the victims. Another of the alerts was issued to the Department of Human Resources, so that Chaves is not hired for a period of three years by the institution.

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Two weeks after taking office, Chaves apologizes to women who denounced him for sexual harassment |