Two Fine Arts professors suspended after allegations of sexual abuse in Cali

Departmental Institute of Fine Arts, Cali.

In it Departmental Institute of Fine Artsin Cali, were two teachers suspended from their positions for complaints filed before the Attorney General’s Office for accusations of sexual abuse and violence.

With murals and graffiti, the students of the institution marked the walls of the campus to say no more,The students have formed a support group so that the victims continue with their complaint process before the Prosecutor’s Office.”, assured Gabriela Rodríguez, from the ‘Weaving Fire’ movement.

For her part, the Governor of the Valley, Clara Luz Roldanspoke about it: “As soon as we learned about these degrading cases, we suspended two teachers and we brought all these complaints to the attention of the Prosecutor’s Office.”. In addition, he asked for speed in the investigations.

As Governor, but above all as a woman, I want to reiterate my indignation with the facts denounced in the Institute of Fine ArtsI have shown solidarity with all the students of this educational center who have had the courage to denounce these aberrant cases of abuse and sexual violenceRoldan pointed out.

The governor also assured that she will meet with the director Prosecution Section to follow up on the investigations and said that they managed to “The investigative entity will designate a special team in charge of the reported cases.”.

I have been attentive to the progress of this situation and I want to tell you that I will take charge of it personally and I will meet with the director of prosecutors and all the institutions to work together and that there is no more impunity as has happened in other parts of the country”, concluded Clara Luz Roldán, governor of Valle del Cauca.

According to what the academic vice-chancellor revealed, Doris Ines Restrepohave been recorded about 70 complaints against twelve teachers of the Institute.

This Tuesday, May 3, the Ombudsman’s Office called on society to protect and safeguard the rights of children and adolescents in the face of the increase in cases of sexual violence. The legal representation group for victims of the entity revealed that there is a 9.5% increase in these facts compared to the records of 2021.

So far this year they received 1,178 powers in process of minors who would have been victims of sexual abuse; of them, 895 were under 14 years old. While in 2021 they received 1,075 registrations from the same period.

The Ombudsman, Carlos Camargo, assured that the situation against children and adolescents is “very serious”. “We are here to defend their rights and defend them judicially, but the ideal is that their homes and schools become the protective environments par excellence,” said the official prior to the opening of the First Meeting of Public Defenders in Barranquilla.

The call of the entity is registered after knowing the two most recent cases of sexual abuse that were reported in the country. The first was presented in the municipality of Galapa, Atlántico, where a newborn suffered sexual violence by her stepfatherwho was in charge of his care.


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Two Fine Arts professors suspended after allegations of sexual abuse in Cali