TV | How pornography consumption affects adolescents – Arola Poch

I was interviewed for the program “Primera hora” of the channel TVV to talk about how porn consumption affects young boys and girls.

Studies say that the age of access to this content is very early: at 8 years old there are children watching this content, although not intentionally, but because they find it. The average age is around 14 years for boys and 16 for girls. With this easy access, tools must be provided so that they can understand what they are seeing, what has sex that porn does not have, and what does porn have that does not have sex. And the tool is sexual education understood as transmitting, in addition to clear and rigorous information on sexuality, values ​​such as empathy, communication, respect, equality and consensus.

Here I leave you some cuts of my intervention in the program.

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TV | How pornography consumption affects adolescents – Arola Poch

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