Transform female masturbation into ceremony

For a clear and sincere woman with her sexuality, it is extremely sensual to begin the masturbatory rite, when she assumes it as a “ceremony”, taking a relaxing hot bath of scented water with essences that stimulate your senses: sandalwood, patchouli, or any other aroma intense.

Then lie down naked on a bed with clean and scented sheets or on a comfortable sofa….and let her fantasy free, in which male images may or may not intervene, while she caresses her whole body focusing on the areas where she feels that the energy is concentrated, to wake it up and let it flow with total freedom.

The rest is simply letting go and experiencing how the current of excitement invades each point of the skin, until orgasm occurs, although this is not the only goal, but also learning to know each other in this experience to be able to share it later.

Another experience that you will not forget is masturbating for two. Without forgetting any corner of the body, to transform it into a vital experience that will increase your sexual energy: squeeze your partner’s member in the hollow of the armpit, between your half-open buttocks or between your breasts, while the fingers stimulate the nipples or the clitoris, produces an incomparable delight.

For her part, she can position herself on top of him and with the outer lips of her vulva wide open, she can masturbate by making ascending and descending movements on the phallus, while touching her nipples and he caresses her buttocks at the same rhythm or traces a path erotically with his fingers between the perineum and the tender area surrounding the anal ring.

He is always extremely excited, self-eroticizing himself to the maximum, but without discharging his sexual tension in orgasm, stopping at the threshold with simple techniques such as contracting the muscles of the lower abdomen or gently pinching the perineum, so that the erection is every firmer and last longer.

She masturbates watching herself in the mirror and enjoys it doubly: with the pleasure that she gives herself and with the image of her arousal, which allows her to fantasize about other hands that are masturbating her.

As for the man, since the sense of sight is a powerful natural aphrodisiac, the mere sight of the straight phallus and the glans emerging defiantly between his hands, reflected in the mirror, provokes fantasies that take him to the previous instant of penetration.

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Transform female masturbation into ceremony

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