Tips for talking about sex education with our children

The psychologist and psychotherapist Carla Marcos indicated that it is important for parents to be the main information platform to talk about sexuality with their children.

In the sequence Family and Justice of RPP News, the professional argued that children are currently exposed through social networks to a series of information for which they are not yet prepared, so it is vital that parents prepare to talk about sex with their children.

He noted that the first step is to evaluate, think and reflect on how we can talk about sexuality to our children since many times we ourselves are full of taboos and censorship. “You have to keep in mind that many of us when we were children did not receive any information about sexual education but today the little ones undoubtedly already receive it,” she said.

The psychotherapist gave as an example that in the United States 62% of children have already been exposed to pornographic content through a Tablet or an electronic device.

He stated that, in these times, most children have already been exposed to a series of sexual content and for this we parents have to train ourselves and be ready not for the big talk about sex but ready to take advantage of different times of the day to introduce a little the topic little by little.

Marcos recalled that communication is based on trust and if the parents do not feel prepared, no matter how much effort they have made, they could delegate the matter to a person of complete and absolute trust for him and for the child.

Likewise, he recommended not transmitting more information to the child than he can process and what his neurological, cognitive and emotional maturity allows, because trauma could occur.

“Children already begin to question themselves from the age of 4 and 5, they already have questions about how children come into the world and we must go little by little considering the age of the minor,” he specified in the Family and Justice sequence.

He added that when children are at least 10 years old, it is possible that they have already heard more specific things about sexuality since they are very exposed through the networks and have a series of data that is often disorganized around sexuality.

The psychotherapist emphasized that talking about sexuality is not just talking about intercourse but about caring for the body, caring for intimacy, how children have to take care of themselves, naming the sexual organs with their real name, it is talking about the dimensions that it has sexuality and that falls fundamentally with respect for one’s own body and that of the other person.

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Tips for talking about sex education with our children