Tips for living with a couple in quarantine

Living with a couple in quarantine can be difficult at times. Amused others. And difficult again. That’s why here are some tips to make it the best you can. Because even if we have a healthy relationship, there are going to be times when you want to pull your hair out. EVITÉMOSLO.

So here are some of my tips:

That everyone have time for himself

Some of you will say «Ana, you are horny, locked in 40m2, you will tell me». But you have to try. It is perhaps one of the most important tips for living as a couple in quarantine.

Each of you should have time for yourself: read, talk with family and / or friends, play games, watch a series / movie, or carry out hobbies or whatever makes you feel good.

The space-time of oneself is essential to develop as a person and feel fulfilled. They will make you disconnect and put you in a good mood. And this little mental “scramble” will make the days (and therefore the coexistence), more bearable.

Spread out chores, whether it’s housework or childcare

A good organization will help us to maintain a routine, to know what are the tasks of each one, what time is for rest, what time for obligations, and when for enjoyment. Routine is essential to maintain calm and mental stability (so important right now).

The organization will make you do not expect from the other something that is not going to do. Knowing when and what to do each one will avoid many discussions and you will form a team.

If you don’t want to end up like Martita de Graná, Create a routine!

Good communication: the key to the quarantined couple

“Communication” is the word that is heard the most in my consultation of Couples Therapy and Sexual Therapy. But now it is more important than ever. Your quarantined relationship depends on it, because it can save you from misunderstandings or absurd discussions, It is so important to avoid them now that we cannot go out for a while to disconnect or air out. Avoid silly irritations, and get your partner to be your accomplice. It will make you feel better, it will provide you with physical and mental support, and it will make your life easier.

In addition, living with a couple in quarantine can be key to getting out of it. If you come out of this strong, you are guaranteed to overcome many difficult future situations.

Therefore, if there are things that you do not like and would like to change, now is the time to talk about it. Communication will always bring us closer to the couple. Normally we don’t talk due to lack of time, but now we have everyone in the world. Sit down and talk and try to fix what isn’t working. To do this, remember that you always have to have a open-minded, open-minded attitude, willing to listen and understand the other party. The objective is to reach an agreement, not to state (or impose) our opinion.

We can take advantage of this confinement to talk and solve conflicts that the couple may drag. And so, come out of it strengthened.

Leave room when you have a bad day, need to vent, or have a bad answer. Take it too.

A situation like this, unprecedented and so extreme, destabilizes us all, and each one takes it in a different way (the best he knows). We are going to have (very) bad days, we will be sad, irritable, or overwhelmed. Because we must have confidence in our partner and allow him to have a bad day / moment. Let’s have wide sleeves, understand and support our partner when necessary, and ask for the same understanding and support for yourself when you are going through that moment plof.

When your partner is irritable or sad, give him space to have that emotion and manage it. You can help him listening to him, giving him affection, the opportunity to vent, and not demanding that he “be fine again”. Give him his time and space.

Sex … maybe later

There are those who still have a high libido, and those who do not want to hear about it. As I have always said, many factors play a role in desire, and concern about the Coronavirus and all that that entails, could not be less. It’s more, is a compelling reason why desire has disappeared in most people.

This time of “abstention” we have to take it as something circumstantial.

The concern, added to (tele) work, children, being away from the family (or too close …), means that in most cases, there is neither time nor desire to have sex. So this time of “abstention” we have to take it as something circumstantial. No need to worry about a lack of libidoNot even if your partner doesn’t feel like it, but you do. The focus is on other priorities and You have to respect the (non) desire of the other person and understand your own. It is a rare time for everyone, and you have to take it with philosophy, whether you feel like it or not.

Because no one has an idyllic relationship (not even Elsa and Chris), let’s make our quarantined couple relationship stronger than ever

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Tips for living with a couple in quarantine

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