This is what animal abuse hides

“It can be said that the animal abuse it is a transverse crimebeyond being a crime by itself and of its own characteristics, because it goes far beyond what, in principle, we can imagine”, warns Miguel Ángel Soria Verde, professor of Criminal, Judicial and Legal Psychology, and head of the Research Group in Profiling and Analysis of Criminal Behavior (PACC) of the University of Barcelona (UB).

It should be remembered that this fact is a crime in itself, but it may be that those who commit it are involved in other criminal acts.

These acts can be gender violence, child pornography, illegal trafficking or money laundering. That is why in criminology, they consider as an indicator of danger what can help the official bodies of the state to find out and uncover other serious cases.

Animal abuse is a crime that can cover up other crimes

Investigators, State Security Bodies and Forces, criminal lawyers, all of them have been collaborating for twelve years to be able to dig deeper into the animal abuse.

“With the animal abuse there is a criminal or criminal concurrence. It often coincides with cases of gender violence, sexual crimes against minors, child pornography‘bullying’, organized crime, illegal trafficking of species or, even, with the radicalization of gangs”, lists Núria Querol, who, in addition to being a researcher for the same group at the UB, is a doctor.

Among the many examples that she offers to, she mentions the following: “Groups that investigate cybercrime, often, when they come to a case of child pornography, also find many files in which there is bestiality. For example, they force minors to have sexual relations with animals.

“It also happens with the illegal trafficking of species, which, without a doubt, implies animal abuse. There are animals transported in suitcases or containers and many die during transportation. In addition, this same crime is obviously associated with others such as corruption, money laundering or financing of terrorist groups, as is the case with Daesh“, adds the researcher, who maintains an international collaboration with the United States through the advice she makes to the National Association of Sheriffs and the FBI, an agency that, she says, began in 2016 to register the mistreatment of animals as a “crime against the society”.

Animal abuse will increase in 2021, according to Seprona

Behind this type of violence, gender violence is framed, because there are people who commit this crime in order to harm another person, which is known as vicarious violence.

If we stop to investigate more in the forms of animal abuse and what they cover up, we would be scared. It is therefore of vital importance to denounce these facts immediately, and continue to evolve in the study of this area, within the criminology.

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This is what animal abuse hides