They will march in front of the Lambaré Prosecutor’s Office for a case of sexual abuse

A group of citizens made a call from 09:00 this Saturday, for a massive march in front of the prosecution of Lambaré, located on Bruno Guggiari avenue near Las Palmas, in the mentioned city, of the Central Department.

The objective of the mobilization will be to claim against the cases of sexual abuse and asking for speed in the case supposedly occurred in a private school in Lambaré. The slogan that is asked of the participants is to wear a green ribbon, t-shirt and balloons.

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A serious complaint became public this Friday morning, whose case involves a six-year-old boy who was allegedly sexually abused in a private school located in the city of Lambaré.

According to the complaint of the parents of students at the school, the alleged perpetrator would be a 15-year-old student, who would have had the complicity of two other adolescents.

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A group of parents was constituted this Friday to the educational institution to demand answers about the alleged cover-up of the case of sexual abuse, they asked that the director step aside and that the aggressors stop attending classes until the fact is clarified.

The fiscal agent Myriam Rodríguez announced the imputation for obstruction of the criminal prosecution and violation of the duty of care against the director, coordinator and a teacher of the Lambaré school, while the director is already in a delayed capacity.

The names of the school and those involved are omitted in compliance with article 29 of the Code for Children and Adolescents, which prohibits the publication of data that allows the identification of children in vulnerable situations.

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They will march in front of the Lambaré Prosecutor’s Office for a case of sexual abuse