They teach workshops against sexual abuse in AMG schools

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The Principles of Life Civil Association in Jalisco works on the prevention and detection of child sexual abusefor which he went to private public schools in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Guadalajara, where they offer the workshop ‘Who touches us’ to minors.

“We visited from three schools to 36 schools and each school has 15 to 20 groups, within these groups, on average, five to six cases of child sexual abuse are detected. Yes, we are talking about alarming figures,” said María Yesenia Gómez Sandoval, deputy director of the Principles of Life association in Jalisco.

According to data from the association, 90 percent of the cases of sexual abuse they attend are perpetrated by relatives of the minor, but in some educational establishments up to 30 percent of the cases the aggressors are teachers or school personnel.

“Of the cases we deal with in schools, it is usually the family, not the teacher. There have been cases of teachers who are aggressors, but I think we can find 30 percent in schools, nothing more,” Alicia Sensión Guzmán commented. , therapist and workshop facilitator for the organization Principles of Life in Jalisco.

Once the association detects that a girl or boy is being sexually abused, it proceeds to inform the school authorities and the State Attorney’s Office, but according to its statistics there are few cases that reach a complaint and subsequent investigation against the child. aggressor.

“Of a thousand cases that are detected, 100 can reach the complaint, 10 do reach legal proceedings, but only one is convicted or receives a sentence,” said Sensión Guzmán.

“They are afraid. Schools are afraid to proceed because it involves cumbersome procedures for them because they have to be dealt with. Once a case of child sexual abuse is detected, they have to follow this protocol because they have to go to declare, do documentation and sometimes the risk that they can run with the abusers,” argued Gómez Sandoval.

Sensión Guzmán, explained that sexual abuse causes an emotional fracture in minors that will never heal and affects all aspects of their lives.can lead to anxiety, depression, alcoholism and drug addiction.


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They teach workshops against sexual abuse in AMG schools