They summon to concentrate in Courts for the dismissal of Mingarini

“It not only had an impact in our province but also at the national level and in other countries of the world. So from the local table together with the Multisectorial de Mujeres and the Civil Association Words we put together a complaint where we analyzed the conduct of this judge in that case where we found a lot of striking issues in the case of this sexual abuse. There were genetic tests, witnesses, a lot of situations that indicated a sexual abuse and he dismissed it due to his own perception about the condom and released the defendant with what that can result in. We know of other cases where a judge does something like this and it can end in femicide. Women continue to be in danger,” she said in an interview on the “Te la Resumo” program on Radio Nacional Santa Fe.

He then reported that the complaint filed with the Attorney General of the Supreme Court of Justice, which was joined by the 20 deputies, became an investigation carried out by Jorge Barraguirre. “The prosecutor analyzed other cases where the gender perspective that we originally claimed for all the legislation that is in force exceeds. When we saw the extensions we saw that there were many other very serious situations as well and even in his own words he describes that this Mingarini sentence is part of the culture of rape, that there is ignorance of the law, there is a rewriting of the Penal Code,” said Catalín.

At the same time, the feminist activist recalled that the Mesa Ni Una Menos urged through a letter to close the trial period in order for this cause to end. The answer was that this May 3 at 11 am is the trial hearing where both the prosecutor and Mingarini and her lawyers will make the arguments. “The jury must decide in the following ten days if they acquit him, return him to his position and even return half of the salaries that have been withheld since the suspension or if he is finally removed from his position and we no longer have a judge who It has evidently shown that it is not up to the circumstances and what is expected of these people who have a very relevant role in society and from whom the women’s movement has long called for a justice that is close, more accessible and that also attends questions of law from a human rights and gender perspective,” explained Catalín.

And he added: “There are many cases that attract attention and that generate anxiety because you think what happens if this judge touches me if I am a victim, or my sister, or my mother or a friend. There is a case of a boy that he was abused that Mingarini assumes that he actually has a constipation, another where he frees a violent man who threw a pot of boiling water on the woman. performance and the look that Justice must have. We hope that on Tuesday it will be clear and that those who have to decide will consider the commotion that was generated by this case, which is not what the judges have to do, the public scandal, which was what Mingarini did. The sum of causes that goes beyond the case of the condom”.

“Let us know that there are very few cases that reach jury, and fewer are those that are dismissed. The women’s movement in each instance that we have, whether in the streets, or in our jobs, we are always asking for justice different, that it be efficient, fast, transparent and part of changing Justice is what they have to carry forward in this jury, which is a paradigmatic case that should be the initial kick to review the Justice that we have, the judges that we have. That is what we have expectations for those who are in charge of prosecuting, which is the entire Supreme Court of Justice, but also a deputy, a senator and the presidents of the Rafaela and Reconquista bar associations,” concluded Catalín.

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They summon to concentrate in Courts for the dismissal of Mingarini