They stop the process for alleged sexual harassment in Fedefutbol due to the incapacity of the accused

The process that is being followed in the Costa Rican Soccer Federation for alleged sexual harassment against an arbitration instructor named Miranda Villalobos was stopped due to medical incapacity of the accused.

She was denounced by eight referees for sexual harassment. Four more had also denounced her for workplace harassment, but Fedefutbol said that it would not attend to those cases as there was no labor relationship between them and the Federation.

The complaint was filed in December of last year and La Teja made it known on February 8, 2022.

The Fedefutbol Commission against Sexual Harassment scheduled the hearings for this week.

On Monday and Tuesday it was the turn of both parties to testify and on Wednesday and Thursday the witnesses of both parties would also present the documentary evidence.

However, on Monday at 6 am, the lawyer for the alleged victims, Róger Duarte, received a statement informing him that Miranda would not appear due to disability.

In the incapacity –of which La Teja has a copy– Miranda is recommended three days of rest, from May 1 to 3.

In the medical opinion presented by Miranda, he is diagnosed with “a picture of several days with decline, little appetite, insomnia, easy crying, slight dehydration, wanders freely”, among others.

This says one of the alleged victims in the accusation, of which La Teja also has a copy.

“On one occasion he spanked me, during some games he made vulgar comments about how my referee uniform looked. Her greeting was always with an unpleasant hug and kiss, which, if she did not greet each other in this way, she provoked the moment so that it had to be that way, where she held her head or back strongly to make physical contact, ”said one. of the stories.

Another added: “when greeting me, she tried to give me kisses near the mouth, trying to go too far”.

A denouncing arbitrator, who contacted La Teja and who preferred to remain anonymous, said that their main interest is for the lady to be dismissed and that is why they will exhaust the administrative route, although they do not rule out going to the legal route either, depending of the result in Fedefutbol.

She said that they sent a copy of the complaint to Concacaf and that she has received it. She said that she found out that they are waiting for the resolution of Fedefutbol to take action on the case.

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They stop the process for alleged sexual harassment in Fedefutbol due to the incapacity of the accused