They seek to shield girls and boys from cyber child sexual abuse

To prevent and address child sexual abuse in Jalisco, the Secretary of the Social Assistance System (SSAS) signs a collaboration agreement with the PAS Foundation, Prevention and Sexual Abuse to disseminate the mechanisms to detect and report cyber content.

A social problem, which, according to the president of the PAS Foundation, Eduardo Cruz Moguel, has increased significantly since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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“The main problem of child sexual abuse is ignorance, something that we do not know makes us afraid and fear leads us to silence. Abuse can be physical, in most cases it happens within the home and for several years we have been facing a major problem, child sexual abuse on the Internet.

He indicated that through the network there are more than a million online sexual aggressors looking for minors; One in five children online will be approached by a sexual offender, yet less than 10% will talk about it.

“A sexual aggressor who is going to change his profile to obtain material of a sexual nature: photographs, videos to sell them or for his own gratification, what is known is that now with the pandemic in these two years that we send all the children home, the Internet crimes multiplied or tripled.

During the signing of the agreement, the head of the SSAS, Alberto Esquer Gutiérrez, reported that a series of strategic actions will be carried out in a transversal manner to share all the information of the PAS foundation available on the educational platform on prevention, and in coordination with the Ministry of Education to make it available to families, in addition to training the staff of the 125 municipal DIF and launching a prevention campaign.

Likewise, the state agency will be collaborating in the prevention of ASI in Jalisco, through “Te Protejo México”, it is the first line of reporting of audiovisual material with child sexual content in digital environments and social networks with the purpose of downloading it immediately. .

The PAS Foundation has been working for 12 years to promote a culture of Protection against Child Sexual Abuse through innovation and research into models to prevent and address this problem.

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They seek to shield girls and boys from cyber child sexual abuse