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The Police unraveled the intricate situation that surrounds a Necochese family, by locating a minor under 15 years of age and her little son of 3, for whom the Buenos Aires justice requested the whereabouts. In addition, he arrested the teenager’s father, accused of sexual abuse, and her mother, who was arrested by order of the intervening prosecutor’s office.

According to the police reports, it would be two related causes that would involve the minor and her little one. The first would be related to the complaint of a woman before UFI No. 20 of the Necochea Judicial Department, for which the Prosecutor Horacio Sirimarco had initiated a whereabouts investigation file.

Simultaneously, a second case labeled as sexual abuse with carnal access aggravated by the relationship and the pre-existing situation of cohabitation with the victim, which is being processed by UFI No. 10, also in Necochea, has a 46-year-old man accused, the which was made available to Dr. Melisa Bazterrica of the UFI for Sexual Abuse.

It all started when personnel from the Investigation Brigade of the Department of Citizen Security No. 11 confirmed that on Thursday of last week a 41-year-old woman, her teenage daughter and her 3-year-old grandson had arrived at Monte Quemado.

The family group had with them a suitcase, a bag and two backpacks that they left in the custody of a neighbor from the Porvenir neighborhood, to whom they had told her that they intended to appear before the Monte Quemado Family Court so that the woman’s son, a 22-year-old boy, take care of the support of the little one who would be his son.

However, the women and child did not return to the 52-year-old woman’s home. Until a phone call alerted the Police that a man had been sent to look for the aforementioned belongings and, given the refusal of the neighbor, he left the place.

Presuming to be facing a criminal act, personnel from the Prevention Division intercepted a white Toyota Hilux truck, double cabin, driven by a 46-year-old man who, at the police headquarters, would have trusted that the family group had been staying since Saturday in a agricultural establishment, located on Provincial Route No. 92.

The delayed man would also have mentioned that the family was working in the manufacture of charcoal and said he was unaware of the complex situation of the family.

At that point in the circumstances, the uniformed personnel already knew about the powers of the Buenos Aires Justice, so they consulted with the prosecutor Gabriel Gómez, on duty in the Monte Quemado district, who authorized the police deployment in the establishment.

In addition, upon entering the place, approximately 200 meters from the road, along a narrow road, they intercepted a male person, whom they recognized as the accused in the case of sexual abuse.

A few meters away, covered by weeds, was a camp built by silobolsas where they found the family in evident precariousness. The presence of two other people was also confirmed: a 19-year-old boy, son of the accused, and his 23-year-old partner.

Immediately, the family group was transferred to the police station, where the accused was housed as a detainee and his partner was also apprehended.

Consequently, the policemen informed the prosecutors of everything that had been done and Dr. Sirimarco of UFI No. 20 ordered that the adolescent and her son be transferred to a special center to be contained and protected until their situation is resolved. purpose of being returned to the city of Necochea.

Lastly, and in the same way, Dr. Melisa Bazterrica of the UFI for Sexual Abuse, familiarized with the police procedure, ordered that the suspect remain in detention, since the corresponding warrants for his transfer to the police station would be sent shortly. Buenos Aires province.

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They rescue a 15-year-old girl and her 3-year-old son, and arrest a suspect of sexual abuse | New Web Journal | Santiago del Estero