They recapture an alleged sexual predator who had escaped from a hospital in Medellín

The Metropolitan Police of the Valle de Aburrá recaptured Andrés Felipe Zapata Castrillón, a 33-year-old man who is being investigated for allegedly abusing 12 women.

The defendant escaped on April 10 while he was admitted to the La María Hospital, located in the Castilla neighborhood, after being sent from a police cell to the medical center for presenting a wound on his arm.

According to the report of the authorities, the agents found him while the community of the popular neighborhood beat him, as they identified the face of the man who has caused terror in Medellín due to the accusations he carries.

The operational commander of the Metropolitan Area, Colonel José Galindo, explained that “I was wandering around the city. Surely, putting more people at risk.”

Zapata Castrillón’s file indicates that he committed the crimes of violent carnal access, violent sexual acts and qualified theft. And now, after his escape, they added prisoner escape.

Apparently, the captured man would have violated the women with intimidation since he presented himself as a member of the “Convivir del Centro.” Consequently, he would have forced them to go to hotels where he abused them and later took their belongings.

At least 12 women, between the ages of 17 and 34, point to the crimes that would have taken place in the Caribe, La Floresta, Estadio and downtown neighborhoods.

By the way, his capture occurred while intimidating a 15-year-old girl near the San Antonio Metro station. The minor screamed and a couple of uniformed men took him to the station where they finally linked him to the multiple abuse process.

His escape generated unrest in Medellin and the Police assumed responsibility for the act because they were the ones who had him under surveillance. Indeed, the operational commander of the Metropolitan Area explained that an intelligence group was after the man.

“The National Police has deployed all the institutional capacities to find the recapture of this subject. Also, internally, an investigation was launched in order to find out the circumstances surrounding this event,” said the high command.

They denounce abuse of authority in Algeria, Antioquia

In eastern Antioquia, the treatment given by two members of the Police to a man who was intoxicated at the time of immobilizing him in Argelia, Antioquia, has caused discomfort.

The inhabitants of the municipality recorded the event in a video. In the images, the person can be seen lying on the public highway, then the uniformed men take him by the hands, drag him along the asphalt and transfer him to the station for disturbing public order.

Yes ok No formal complaint has been filed with the authorities for this factin social networks, citizens have alerted and shown concern about the behavior of members of the public force.

The local representative, Juan Bernardo Marulanda, warned that this is not the first time that citizens have questioned the actions of the Police in Algeria. “We have taken the complaints. We have already discussed this with the police human rights office.”

One of the inhabitants, who asked not to divulge his name, pointed out that in the facilities of the command there have been beatings and violations of detainees. According to the municipal administration, these events are subject to analysis.

The mayor of Algeria, Edwin Quintero, confirmed that in the next few hours they will hold an extraordinary security council to assess the possible responsibilities of the uniformed men who starred in the video that today has shocked the population.

Regarding this particular case, SEMANA consulted with the Antioquia Police Department, which responded that it is verifying the situation.

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They recapture an alleged sexual predator who had escaped from a hospital in Medellín