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Deputies of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) propose reforms to the Federal Labor Law in order to guarantee the decent work to women and end the discriminationthe violence and the sexual harassment in work centers.

Cristina Ruiz Sandoval Y Marco Antonio Mendoza Bustamante raised in an initiative of reform that the grounds provided for in article 51, on labor termination, also give rise to actions to guarantee decent and dignified conditions at work, and that the judge judge with a gender perspective.

In addition, it contemplates that the right to women’s participation in the jurisdictional proceedingsprovided that the facts that are part of the litis deal with violence towards this population sector.

“This avoids the revictimization in the event of an eventual error in legal technique or in evidence provided by the employer before a jurisdictional authority. The victims will be an active part in the labor procedure, even if they are not procedural parties,” they commented.

Discrimination and harassment in numbers

The legislators indicated that, according to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), approximately 8.8 million women in the country have declared violence in the workplace; that is, 27 out of every 100 women who have worked at some time in their lives have been violated in the workplace. Of this number, 22 have suffered from some situation of discrimination, 12 reported some type of physical abuse either sexual and 11 stated violence of type emotional.

Also, the INEGI points out that throughout the Laboral lifewomen report that 31.8 percent of the time the aggressor was a co-worker, 23.8 percent the aggressor was the employer or boss and in 10.5 percent of the cases the women denounced a supervisor, foreman or coordinator.

Regarding discrimination, at the national level, 13 out of every 100 women declared having experienced some situation of discrimination due to pregnancy reasons in the last five years. It highlights that two million 739 thousand 673 women were requested pregnancy test as a requirement to work, and 860,547 women were asked to take a pregnancy test as a requirement to continue working or renew their contract.

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They promote reform against harassment in workplaces – Indigo Report