They mobilized to demand justice for child sexual abuse that went unpunished | Daily Chronicle

Relatives and friends of the victim mobilized to demand that the case against a former leader of a Mormon church who in 2015 was denounced for aggravated child sexual abuse continue.
Yesterday, family, friends and from different groups decided to call a demonstration with a concentration in the Plaza de la Escuela No. 83 and towards the prosecutor’s office, to demand justice for a case of child sexual abuse reported in 2015 whose cause did not reach judgment.
“The complaint was for child sexual abuse with carnal access, aggravated by the family relationship that was generated in 2015 and has not progressed so far. The prosecutor in charge is no longer there and did not comply with due process, that is why the abuser is free on the streets and that is why we cannot have justice, peace and tranquility for the now woman who was once a child when she suffered this situation. explained to Chronicle, Maira Campos, one of the self-convened and added “the abuse was by her uncle from 5 to 11 years old, it lasted over time and was almost daily, until some time passed and she had the courage and the necessary courage to be able to denounce”.
Likewise, she commented that “what happens in most cases is that women suffer different violations of their rights, they find themselves alone and helpless, with a justice system that is not in their favor and that always ends up benefiting or leaving the perpetrators unconvicted. violators”.
Meanwhile, he detailed “we call this march with the family and the woman who suffered this situation because we see that we cannot continue demanding that the prosecution fulfill its role, that is why we go to the streets to make this request visible, we also resort to the Multisectorial Feminist so that the call is disseminated”.
Finally, Campos lamented that “most of these cases of sexual abuse are in charge of the same prosecutor and the decision is being made to file or let the causes prescribe, that is why we ask that they fulfill the role they have to play in defending the victims. ”.

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They mobilized to demand justice for child sexual abuse that went unpunished | Daily Chronicle