They investigate whether the death of a baby was due to sexual abuse

The authorities are investigating the death of a three-month-old baby, who was taken by her mother to the Galapa Hospital, after the young man who took care of her informed the mother that the girl had a fever and health problems.

Lieutenant Colonel Óscar Olarte, commander of the Protection and Special Services section of the Metropolitan Police of Barranquilla, narrated that “the night before we learned of a case where a child under three months arrives at a care center in the municipality of Galapa. She enters the facilities without vital signs, immediately, under the direction of the commander of the Metropolitan Area, we activate the care route with the staff of Children and Adolescents and Judicial Police. This is how the apprehension of an adolescent is made, who had this minor in care.”

Commander Olarte added that “likewise, the collection of evidentiary material is being presented to the Attorney General’s Office and, together, we are guaranteeing that if this minor of only three months died with signs of violence, no goes unpunished. That is why we ask the community to take special care with these children and adolescents; that they leave them with responsible people, thus avoiding tragic situations like the one we are experiencing today.

“We are supporting the family, we are accompanying the community in these types of cases,” said Lieutenant Colonel Óscar Olarte.

The facts

The case happened on the night of Saturday, April 30, in the Mundo Feliz neighborhood of Galapa. In that neighborhood, the mother of her minor left her in the care of her 17-year-old stepfather. But after a while she returned the baby to her mother and her grandmother by telling them that she had health problems and that she had a fever.

In view of what was stated, both the mother and the grandmother took the baby and took her to the Galapa Hospital. There the doctors said that the girl arrived dead and that she had sucked in white vomit, but when they checked her they noticed that she had some acts of violence in her body.

In view of this, they called the Metropolitan Police of Barranquilla, who arrived at the site and after inquiring what had happened, they indicated that the minor was in the care of her stepfather, a 17-year-old boy, who was also in the hospital, so that he was apprehended by the authorities and placed under the orders of the competent authority so that the investigation can be initiated, into whether or not he was responsible for the death of the minor.

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Given this fact, the mayor of Galapa, José Fernando Vargas, expressed his indignation stating that it is something reprehensible and that the full weight of the Law must fall on the person responsible. “It is a case that deserves punishment and that cannot go unpunished. . The person responsible is a minor, but he must also be submitted to the Law, as it is a clear case of femicide in a baby of just three months ”.

The body of the baby is found in the offices of the Regional Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences of Barranquilla.

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They investigate whether the death of a baby was due to sexual abuse