They hold a silent protest in Tijuana to make child violence visible

Within the framework of Children’s Day, the Feminix Collective held a silent protest at the Mexico monument, better known as the scissors in Tijuana, to make visible the child violence experienced by boys and girls.

The protest began at 2:00 in the roundabout located between Plaza Río and the Tijuana Cultural Center and ended at 4:00 in the afternoon; It was attended by a total of 25 people, including children and adult women, since men were prohibited from approaching.

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Among the blankets carried by the protesters, information on child violence could be distinguished such as: 827 thousand 898 Internet users in Mexico consume child pornography, each year 5.4 million children are victims of sexual abuse in Mexico, of 100 complaints of child abuse only one percent receives justice, in 2020 nine thousand 876 girls from 10 to 11 years old were mothers, every hour thousand 666 children are enslaved in the world, Mexico is the first place in child sexual abuse, and one of every new girl is forced to marry before the age of 15.

Statistically, 90 percent of child sex offenders are people close to the victim, something that confuses children and in most cases they do not identify the abuse until several years after it occurred, according to information provided by Alin Barbosa, Psychotherapist and member of the Feminix Collective.

“Children are confused by the information they receive, because it is usually from a trusted person. The aggressors use seduction strategies that confuse the children so much that it is not verbalized, by the time the minors identify that what they experienced was a sexual assault, and they say so, many times they are not believed”, explained Alin Barbosa.

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Regarding how to identify if a minor has been sexually abused, the Psychotherapist advised paying special attention to their physiological needs, for example, a child who already had control of his sphincters and suddenly begins to wet the bed again may indicate who has been the victim of abuse. Another trait that can indicate sexual abuse in minors is aggressive behavior, which may not necessarily be due to abuse, but it does indicate that something is happening and requires attention.

There is a need for an educational program specialized in sexual education

The subject of sexuality is usually taboo in Mexico, especially when it comes to providing sexual education to children and young people, this is due to the lack of educational models that teach how to deal with the subject, since the Ministry of Public Education does not have a program of sex education.

“This comes from the structure, they would have to propose a school model where sexual education is included as something basic. From pedagogy, you can talk about sexuality with children through artistic techniques, for example, from the silhouette of your body, knowing your body and what the figure of the other is like,” said Elizabeth Casesus, a retired teacher.

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They hold a silent protest in Tijuana to make child violence visible